Are Exercise Bikes Good for Weight Loss? (Yes, Here’s Why)

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Weight loss is quite popular these days. There are so many options for cardio muscles in the gym. The complex question is that which exercise should you choose? No need to worry, because nowadays bikes are a popular choice for everyone and an energetic way to become healthier. Bikes also help you increase cardiovascular activities. 

But still, there is a question, are exercise bikes good for weight loss? Yes, here’s why bikes are the best option for weight loss. Bikes help you to burn calories faster. You can lose up to 200 calories for 30 minutes on a stationary bike and get the desired results within a limited time. A regular exercise bike will keep your body healthier and stress-free. It can also help with the muscles of your lungs. Now you can say yes to biking.

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Cycling helps in weight loss but also improves your health and muscle mass. It also helps to improve your mental health. It is a part of your plan as it is the best part of your cardio workout. It improves your posture, joint movement, and flexibility. Biking will help you influence your mood and also help you to relax and relieve all your stress. Exercise bikes are fantastic choices for weight loss. But that doesn’t mean you’ll not focus on your diet plan. You still have to take care of your nutrient intake.

In this article, you’ll get knowledge about the benefits of biking and how many calories can be burned by bikes. You will also get to know how to bike for your weight loss. 

Why Are Exercise Bikes Good for Weight Loss?

When we talk about losing, the first thing that comes to mind is calories. Calories are necessary for the body to function. Everything you eat contains calories. You can burn them by running, cycling, and doing many other exercises. Calories also control whether you lose, gain, or maintain the same weight. 

We all contain calories, but they differ from person to person. Calories burned are also different from person to person. Your calories are what you intake in your diet plan. You should be careful with what you eat as it decides whether you lose, gain or maintain the same body weight. 

So, when it comes to weight, you must check your calorie deficit. It means you need to eat a few calories that your body needs. You are maintaining approx 2000-2500 calories a day. Then you must consume approx. 1500-1700 calories a day. 

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Bikes are the best way to burn calories and lose weight. Your weight is the first thing that keeps on fluctuating. Biking helps to make your muscle flexible. This workout can be flexible and can help to burn calories fast. Biking is the best strategy that provides you with the best result for your body and health. You can make the best combination of biking, training, and nutritional practices, reduce stress and give importance to your sleep. With this, you can find out that biking is the best way to weight loss.

How Many Calories Will You Burn on an Exercise Bike?

Calories are a part of our diet. The number of calories we burn depends on the training we are doing. It depends on how long you spend time riding the bike. The number of calories burned is different from person to person. 

According to the facts:

  • If a person is 155 pounds and cycles for 30 minutes. He can burn up to 260 calories. 
  • If a person is 125 pounds can burn up to 211 calories for the same.
  • Whereas if a person is 185 pounds he can burn up to 311 calories within the same time. 

From this, you can see that the number of calories burned by different people differs according to their weight. We prefer either indoor stationary biking or outdoor biking. Indoor biking burns few calories than outdoor biking, many of us prefer indoor stationary bikes because it has several benefits and can do anytime. You just need to go to the gym and use stationary bikes. 

While outdoor cycling is much more dangerous when it’s dark. You can’t cycle for 30 minutes. Butt you can use outdoor biking as a means of transportation for school or work. This can do so that you are consistent in your schedule. 

If you cycle for 32.2 Km you can burn up to 600 calories a day or even more. Make a routine of biking, can lose weight at a faster pace.

Are Exercise Bikes Good for Weight Loss
Are Exercise Bikes Good for Weight Loss

Pros of Exercise Bikes

A Stationary bike is the best for weight loss. You can choose it as it will provide your body with health benefits. It also helps to improve your sleep, boosts your mood, and reduces stress. Cycling helps your muscles to become flexible and also helps to improve your stamina.  Biking will help you to get to sleep faster with all relaxation. 

Take proper sleep after doing the exercise because your body needs rest to get relief from pain and injury. A study proves that lack of sleep can alter the hormones regulating metabolism and fat. Lack of sleep can increase your hunger and increase your calorie intake. The same thing happens when you are in stress. 

Bikes are suitable for all fitness lover and it is performed by everyone. You need to be strict with your schedule to burn calories. You need not worry about the weather as well. 

Despite having so many benefits you need to have a balanced diet. The more you eat unhealthy food, the more it will increase your weight and ruin all your efforts. Let’s discuss some of the pros of exercise bikes:

1. Convenience

When we talk about it, we look for our convenience. Stationary bikes only require space to fit in. And the rest you can perform them any time you want. For weight, consistency is the key because when you start your work out you need to make it a routine of your schedule. Stationary bikes make it possible. It allows you to customize speed and intensity. 

You can cycle outdoors as well for better results. You can prepare your schedule. You just need to stick to it for regular workout intervals. When you start your work out you need to be consistent and can’t skip unless it is urgent. You can burn a lot more calories than the other workouts. 

Indoor cycling provides you with all the convenience in your training whenever you want. Try to start with 30 minutes, you can increase your times accordingly. So, you can gear up your indoor biking now. 

2. Safe Alternative

Many people don’t prefer to head out and cycle on the roads. So, indoor biking is oof be the best option for you. You can perform biking under the roof and need not worry about the weather. You can cycle according to your comfort level at your home. You need not worry about vehicles, other cyclists, and pedestrians. 

Whenever you feel stressed or tired you can just head towards indoor biking and not worry about the weather condition whether it is raining outside or not. You can perform indoor biking even at night, outdoor biking can be dangerous during the night. Indoor biking proves to be much safer and can help you to lose weight at a faster pace. 

So, indoor biking is a safe alternative for everyone who prefers to work out at night because of the busy schedule during the whole day. Though indoor cycling burns few calories than outdoor biking it can be balanced if you increase your workout time. 

3. Low Impact

Another reason why biking is good for weight loss is that it is a low-impact exercise. It means that biking is not hard on your joints or ligaments like other exercises. They cause a little pain when you start the workout but then it can be smooth. If you suffering from knee injuries then it is the best exercise for you. You can consult with the trainer before you start your workout

Biking proves to be one of the best cardiovascular activities. We all prefer low-impact workouts, whether you’re an athlete or new in cycling can help you strengthen your muscles and body and help to increase your heart rate without having stress on your ligaments and joints. 

Cycling is easy on your joints than performing other vigorous exercises. If you are looking for a low-impact workout then biking is the best option. They are preferred to other cardio exercises like Zumba and dancing exercises. All you need to do is sit on the saddle and pedal to burn calories.

4. Improves Cardio Fitness

The fantastic thing about biking is that it improves your overall health as well. It not only helps in weight loss. So you can have more than one goal, and you’ll be able to accomplish all of it with excellent results. You can prefer outdoor cycling where you can ride it with your friend who might have the same or different goals.

A cardio workout is a very important part of your working schedule. Biking exercise is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular activities. It proved to be one for improving endurance levels. Some benefits of biking are:

  • Proper memory and brain functioning
  • Lower blood pressure
  • improved blood sugar levels
  • Better Sleep
  • Stronger immune system
  • More energy
  • lower stress levels
  • Better mood

5. Strengthens the Lower Body

Cycling is the best example of cardio activity that helps you to maintain body strength. When you cycle consistently, your body works in a constant motion that will help you to increase your speed where you can build your muscles legs, core, glutes, and lower back. 

It will further add strength to your body and helps you to perform day-to-day activities. Biking can be the best choice for your routine. It will also maintain the hamstrings as well. Biking will boost your performance.

If you are focusing on your lower body part then biking is the best way to combine it with your schedule. You can reach the desired result with a regular workout and get a slim body. You can fit indoor bikes very efficiently. 

6. Put You in a Better Mood

Biking is an exercise that will help you to uplift your mood. It will help you to relieve stress, anxiety, and anger just by paddling. Any form of workout can relax you. Biking is a good way for your hormone will function properly. Stationary biking helps to release sweat and burn calories. 

It helps you to improve balance and develops coordination. Biking is also best for elders so, that they can relieve all their stress. You can spend your time doing workouts to boost yourself ad gain lots of energy. 

Cycling will improve your stamina and make your muscle. When you add music along with cycling and can be the best option. You can do indoor biking anytime you want. It will help you to take out all your stress and anger and will help you to balance your emotion. Bikes make everything convenient for you in every manner.

Types of Exercise Bikes

When we think of biking, the first question that comes to our mind is which bike should we choose? We have a great option here. There are three types ain types of bikes. The three types of bikes are upright, recumbent, and dual-action. They all are different from each other. You can choose them according to your fitness level. 

We all are of different sizes and also with distinctive capacities to burn calories. You must choose the best option for you so that you are comfortable performing the exercise. We all have divergent goals for workouts. You can prefer different bikes to perform your workout. Your exercise depends upon fitness level, joint health, and workout goals. 

Here we are going to discuss the different types of bikes. There are other options as well, these three are popular ones. They all are the same with slightly different benefits. You can choose whatever you want. Remember, be regular with your workout and maintain consistency towards your workout. 

Let’s discuss the different types of bikes upright, recumbent, and dual-action and their benefits: 

1. Upright

The upright bike is one of the most popular bikes. It is commonly used by everyone, similar to a regular bicycle. Bikes were designed like a standard roadside bike. The position of the pedal is beneath the body. These types of bikes are best for cardio workouts and strengthening your core and leg muscles. You can choose either the standing or sitting bike. 

The upright position is the downside of this bike and puts pressure mainly on the hand and wrists. The drawback is that it will be uncomfortable for a longer workout because of the small size of the saddle. It offers more versatility than the recumbent bike. It will allow your muscles to engage as different parts are used for the pedaling position. It is preferred by most people as it works on all the muscular areas and you can feel the pressure on your body. You’ll be able to burn more calories with this type of bike at a faster pace.

2. Recumbent

When we talk about the recumbent bike, it is more comfortable in the reclined position. These bikes are comfortable as the size of the saddle is big enough for you to seat comfortably. The paddles are arranged backward. The bike puts less stress on the upper body, low back, and joints. Recumbent bikes give proper support to your body and help to feel pressure.

A recumbent bicycle is one of the good options because you have less mobility, injuries, joint muscles, and back pain. It is much safer for older people or who are new to exercise. You can even feel less fatigue and also muscle soreness after the workout. It also consists backrest as well. In this bike, there will be less pressure on your wrists. The recumbent bike is a beginner choice and for people who need low-impact exercise. So, if you’re planning to choose a recumbent bike then it is the best choice for you. 

3. Dual-Action

A dual-action bike is different from a regular road bicycle. It mainly targets your upper body muscles as it has handlebars that can move back and forth. The reason it is called the dual-action machine is that when you are paddling and working, at the same pace of time you are getting a solid upper-body workout. 

There are two pedals in the upright bike. It even allows upper and lower body workouts simultaneously which helps you to burn a lot more calories in less time. It also offers a variety of resistance levels which can even help you to customize your workout schedule. It helps you with your biceps, triceps, and shoulders as well. It is similar to an upright bike. 

If you want to burn more fat you can choose dual-action bikes that will help to get the desired results. Many people prefer dual-action bike as it helps you with the complete body workout.

Proper Form

Remember, while performing a workout your body must be in a proper position so that it doesn’t affect your body. If you don’t perform these activities in the proper position it can cause pain in your muscles and back. You need to maintain different positions when you choose different workout positions. You need to change your so that you can fit into the proper position of the bike. Take these things strictly so that it doesn’t cause harm to your body and health. 

You don’t have to look for your comfort level when you perform the exercise and need to get yourself into its shoes of it so that you can get the desired results. Exercise is important, and so does the position of your workout. So, before you start your exercise and check your posture and then start. Here are some tips you can correct your sitting position to maintain while performing them. The correct posture is:

1. Adjust Your Seat Height

First, before you start paddling you need to adjust your seat and become comfortable while you are working out. First, you need to level the height of the bike like you are standing beside it. You must adjust your position so that it allows your legs slightly to bend over when you touch your foot on the pedal. You need to maintain proper position so that it doesn’t cause you knee injury. The more height can cause strain on your ankle, hips, and back.

The height of the seat is important. You can perform your workout. The height of the seat is important so that it doesn’t affect your body and prevents you from injury. Before you start your exercise maintain a proper seating position and then start.

2. Adjust Seat Position

The padel should be parallel to the ground. Your position of the knee should be over your front foot and also slightly over. It should come where your shoelaces are tied. If you bring it too far it will cause knee and lower back pain. Your knee and back injury can cause a lot of pain if you try doing the workout. 

With the position of height, the arrangement of the seat is equally important because if you don’t do it, you can get other health problems. To avoid all these problems maintain a proper arrangement and maintain an exact balance so that you don’t have a strain on your legs or your back. So, before you start your exercise don’t forget to adjust the position of your seat and height. By maintaining the proper balance and position you can start with your workout. 

3. Adjust Pedal Position

After that, you need to adjust your pedal position and it should be correct. Your foot needs to maintain proper position and you can work out properly. The ball of your foot should be at the center of the pedal at the appropriate level on it. Your feet are strapped in the pedal,  your legs are in a 6’ o clock position. Don’t extend your legs completely. You should maintain a proper gap of 25-35 degrees bends to your knees. 

Then you can take your foot out of that cage and put your heel on the pedal. But, this your leg must have full extension with the 6’ o clock position. If you don’t maintain your position on the pedals it slips off which can hurt and cause a sprain in your legs. So before you start your exercise you must have a proper check on your pedal position as well. 

4. Adjust Handlebars

The position of the handlebar should be proper. That means the height of the handlebars depends upon your preferences. Don’t forget to position your handlebars because it will help your hands to work in balancing manner. You don’t have to put much weight on the handles, your elbows should be slightly bent. Handlebars are also important as they are important. You can either put the handlebars close or father them away. The rule states that the space between the thumb and elbow must be loose so that it does not contain much pressure. 

So, when you start with your workout check all the positions of the seat, height, paddle, and handlebar.  All these things work equally are important to be adjusted before you start your workout. Once you check all the positions you are ready to begin your exercise.

How to Use Exercise Bikes for Weight Loss

Exercise bikes are the best way to burn calories at a faster pace. Stationary exercises are very effective and efficient as they help improve your health problems. Unlike other cardiovascular activities, stationary bicycles are low-impact machines that will help you provide a proper aerobic workout. 

You can burn up to 600 calories while you are on stationary bikes for workouts. You can burn even more calories than you consume on the regular basis. Biking is the best way to weight loss. Before you begin cycling remember these tips: 

  • Start paddling for 5-10 minutes with low density.
  • You can go for medium density for 5-10 minutes followed by a high-density workout for 1-2 minutes. 
  • After that, you can finish the paddling with low density.

You can increase time simultaneously after regular workouts. You can even increase your workout period depending on your body capacity. Here are some ways for you, how you can optimize your exercise for weight loss. 

1. Be Consistent

The first thing you need to do is be consistent while you are performing any workout. By doing regular exercise and maintaining a routine of workouts you can be fit and healthy and get the desired results for your weight loss. You can even plan it for y6 days as well. In starting you can start with 30 minutes and later on increase the period. You can plan your schedule accordingly whether you want to exercise for 5 days or 3 days.

Try to stick with the workout so that you can maintain consistency and the ability to do the exercises regularly. If you miss it you can even bicycle to your work in the bicycle so that you can complete your daily task. Don’t break the consistency because once you do your body will act as tired. So try to be consistent with your workout schedule.

2. Use Resistance

There are different levels of exercise bikes for resistance. Bikes have at least 1-10 levels of resistance. Sometimes it can go up to 20 which can bring the feeling of bicycling up the hill if you’re riding an outdoor bike. But if you are a beginner, you are advised to do the cycling without resistance so that you don’t feel stressed. But you can increase the level gradually once you make it a regular habit. 

Don’t try to increase your resistance in the beginning only because it can cause strain in your legs, back, and foot. And if you try to perform these exercises with these, it can lead to the condition being severe. But make sure after the workout must take proper sleep and rest after doing the exercise. You can gain energy. So practice your with lowe level and bring it to the higher level. 

3. Liss

Liss means lower intensity steady state of cardio workout which is usually preferred for beginners. Exercise bikes are the perfect example of LISS. You can stand, sit, or pedal while streaming, listening to music, or watching television.  Some of the bikes also have real bike trails so that you can feel you are on paths. You can feel like you are moving while just working out in the same place. LISS also includes other activities like:

  • Fast dancing
  • Gardening
  • Shooting Basket
  • Water Aerobics
  • Biking
  • Walking and Jumping Ropes

All these exercises are also an example of LISS that can be performed for 15-30 minutes during the day and you can lose weight at a faster rate. You can perform these exercises within 15-30 minutes but you can gradually increase the timing of the exercises. No need to rush and perform the exercises with patience. Choose the exercise wisely and which suits you. Try to talk less and work more while performing the exercises. This will help you to lose weight.

4. HIIT (Speed/Resistance Intervals)

HIIT is the perfect choice for you. Higher-intensity-interval training is easy to bike exercise because you can adjust your intensity level. You can perform a 30-minute workout with bike intervals:

  • First, warm is important for your body for 5 minutes. You can cycle for 5 minutes lightly. 
  • Next, you can perform 5X30 seconds of the cycle followed by 30 seconds of rest. 
  • Then rest for 2 minutes for recovery.
  • Then you must perform 6X20 seconds on very hard cycling followed by 20 seconds of rest.
  • Then again take rest for 2 minutes.
  • Then for 5X20 seconds perform a maximum effort cycle and then 40 seconds rest.
  • Then you can cool down yourself for 5 minutes. 

By using this workout as a part of your workout schedule you can get the best results for your body and health. Remember, these exercises will help you reduce your stress level and anger. Also, give importance to your sleep. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer a regular bike, mini bike, or folding bike is an important part of your workout that will help you lose at a faster pace. You just need to follow some safety tips while performing these workouts: 

  • Always sit in a proper position while performing the exercises. You can take the help of the trainer as well.
  • After doing exercise for 30 minutes take a break so that your body can recover from any pain or muscle cramps.
  • Don’t push yourself beyond the limits. It can be dangerous for you, especially for a beginner. 
  • You can talk to the doctor if you have problems like blood pressure, or heart problems so that you can suggest you the proper workout schedule. 

Cycling can help you to reach the desired results in rain or shine. It also provides health benefits and can boost your strength, burn calories, and lose weight. Now you have complete knowledge about how bikes are good for weight loss. 


This article is purposive for intended general information and does not mark individual circumstances. It is not an alternative to professional advice or help. It should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician must be consulted to diagnose and treat any medical condition. Any action you take due to the information on this page is entirely at your own risk and responsibility!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Question 1. Are exercise bikes good for losing belly fat?

Answer: There’s no way that you can target a specific area while you are performing the exercise. But while you are working out wh=ith a properly balanced plan you can burn calories which will further lead to weight loss.

Question 2. How long should you stay on a stationary bike to lose weight?

Answer: You are suggested to do 150 minutes of exercise each week. But you can begin it with your starting line as well. You can start your workout with 10-15 minutes and you can increase it to 45-60 minutes gradually depending upon your capacity.

Question 3. Are 30 minutes on a stationary bike enough?

Answer: Yes, 3 minutes are enough o the exercise bikes and that will help you to burn more calories. After that, you can challenge your body with different activities like HIIT.

Question 4. Is it better to walk or ride a stationary bike to lose weight?

Answer: Cycling is the best choice for your workout than you chose to walk because by cycling you can burn calories at a faster pace.

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