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The 6 Best Barbells For Your Home Gym You Should Buy Online | USA

As the fitness movement gained momentum, barbells became an integral piece of gym equipment. Perhaps no other equipment can adequately match the strength-building capacity than the humble-looking barbell.

Barbells are versatile pieces of gym equipment both in the hands of vintage bodybuilders at home or in professional gyms. Whether you are into barbell rows, curls or barbell squats no strength training regiment is ever deemed complete without this basic gear.

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The best quality barbells usually measure 4-8 ft with knurled handles at the end to offer perfect grip and sleeves to load up on extra weight. The structure of the barbell is such that it can pack in tons of weight without causing any damage. This feature gives it an edge over the standard dumbbells when you challenge yourself to achieve new heights.

Moreover, barbells allow you to customize the intensity of your weight lifting capacity by pilling up extra weight plates as per your needs. In addition to being versatile, they are space-efficient. This makes them an excellent addition to your home gym gear. The market is saturated with barbells of all kinds. But what works best for you can be a little hard to decide. So we have curated a list of the 6 best barbells after extensive research conducted by our team of fitness experts to get you started.

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The CAP Barbell 7 ft Olympic bar is worth a go for its versatility. It is ideal for CrossFit powerlifting and even basic strength training exercises. Manufactured from high-quality steel, the barbell is designed to withstand up to 1000 pounds of weight. With all these features you surely cannot hope for a better deal.

Buying Guide for Best Barbell

1. Diameter Size

There is some controversy surrounding the ideal thickness of a barbell. A thick barbell has a diameter of 2 inches (50.88mm) or more. A research study conducted on golfers showed training with thick barbells improved their grip strength over 8 weeks. But no matter what the thickness is, go for a barbell that appears most comfortable for you.

2. Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is the maximum weight; a barbell can bear before breaking down. Generally, it is determined in pounds per sq inch. Generally, the ideal tensile strength ought to be within the range of 150,000 – 180,000 psi. Bars which come with a rating under 150,000 are good for beginners and those above 180,000 psi are geared towards heavy weight lifters.

3. Knurling

Knurling refers to the barbell grips. This is very important in avoiding accidents. Rogue barbells come with “standard” or” aggressive” grips. Standard knurling indicates that the barbell has a diamond-patterned etched into it. This helps improve the grip.

4. Weight Capacity

The weight limit is the maximum weight a barbell can withstand before bending. This is based on the amount of weight you intend to lift. It is recommended to go for barbells that have a higher weight capacity. Surely you do not want a cheap barbell that easily bends when you add additional weights.

5. Whip

The whip is an indicator of how much a barbell is likely to flex when weight is piled on it. A thinner barbell is more likely to have more whip. If you are looking for a barbell for performing basic compound exercises it is best to buy one with a lesser weight. Barbells that come with high whips offer more flexibility.

6. Budget

Rogue fitness barbells fall within the price range of $195-605.   This will guide you in making your choice according to your budget. You can always check out boneyard bars which come at a comparatively less price.

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6 Best Barbells For Your Home Gym

We have curated the top 6 barbells to ease you in your decision-making process.

1. CAP Barbell 7 ft Olympic Barbell

CAP is a common brand name that has earned quite loyal followers in the business of producing high-quality weight lifting equipment. Its products are noted for their durability and they are well suited to all levels of fitness training. However, CAP products are not specially equipped to meet the specific needs of professional weight lifters.

This barbell has moderate knurling which means it can be slightly abrasive but not too uncomfortable. But the absence of center knurling is a distinct disadvantage. CAP barbells can be used for bench presses and deadlifts but when it comes to squatting it is at a disadvantageous position.

As far as the sleeves are concerned it has a nice spin to it. The spin may not match some of the high-end ones, nevertheless, it is adequate to protect you from injury.

Overall it is a good bar for armature but some work needs to be done on its finish. Many consumers complained that it shed metal shavings when used.

 CAP Barbell 7 ft Olympic Barbell
CAP Barbell 7 ft Olympic Barbell


  • Affordable price
  • Presence of grooved sleeves
  • Knurling perfect


  • Packaging issues need to be addressed
  • Some confusion regarding weight-bearing capacity

2. Sunny Health and Fitness 60 inches Threaded Chrome Barbell

Sunny is a brand name to reckon with while buying quality health and fitness equipment. This STBB60 degree barbell from Sunny is no exception.

It is versatile enough to be used for full-body strength training, bicep curls, chest press, shoulder press, and even squads. It includes threaded collars to prevent the weight plates from slipping.

The presence of the knurled hand is essential for a solid grip. The barbell bar has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The only disadvantage is that it can only accommodate a 1-inch wide plate and 2-inch Olympic plates.

Sunny Health and Fitness 60 inches Threaded Chrome Barbell
Sunny Health and Fitness 60 inches Threaded Chrome Barbell

3.CAP Barbell 72 inches Solid Threaded Standard Barbell

It is difficult to come across a classic 72-inch barbell weighing roughly 123 pounds. This is what makes it so special. This 72-inch barbell is especially suited for beginners.

However, you must not be misled by its lightweight. Its durability and performance are at par with some high-end ones. It is crafted from the finest steel and comes with a chrome coating for extra protection.

Moreover, its features include textured grips, threaded ends with star-locked collars, and diamond knurling. With a total weight-bearing capacity of 250 pounds, it is a steal at this price.

CAP Barbell 72 inches Solid Threaded Standard Barbell
CAP Barbell 72 inches Solid Threaded Standard Barbell


  • Backed by a warranty
  • Gripping handy


  • Narrow diameter
  • Weight-bearing capacity needs improvement
  • Shipping issues

4. Sporzon Olympic Barbell Standard WeightLifting

This barbell from Sporzon can be used for multiple workouts like Crossfit and even for standard strength training exercises. Since the barbell is available in multiple weight sand length options, finding the right barbell to suit your workout regimen becomes a lot easier.

Its superior steel quality chrome plated finish and weight-bearing capacity of 700 pounds make it an ideal choice. Furthermore, it includes multiple knurling positions to allow smooth performance and at the same time ensure safety.

Sporzon Olympic Barbell Standard Weight Lifting
Sporzon Olympic Barbell Standard Weight Lifting

5. Synergee 45 lb Rhino Powerbar Cerakote Finish Barbell

The Synergee barbell is not for the weak-minded. This is a heavy-duty power bar for those into professional weight training. Its immense weight-bearing capacity of 1500 pounds makes it ideal for powerlifting.

Crafted from superior quality steel, it is given a protective coating to prevent rusting. It includes an aggressive knurl, less whip but demonstrates a smooth spin. With a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI and heavyweight capacity, there is little chance of it bending due to pressure.

Furthermore, the barbell comes with a pair of wrist wraps and lifting straps. The buyback warranty in case of customer dissatisfaction is icing on the cake.

Synergee 45 lb Rhino Powerbar Cerakote Finish Barbell
Synergee 45 lb Rhino Powerbar Cerakote Finish Barbell


  • Sturdy barbell, worth the money
  • Buyback warranty
  • Weight-bearing capacity high


  • Knurling not aggressive
  • Grip needs improvement
  • Not suitable for beginners

6. Everyday Essentials Standard Olympic Super Curl Barbell

This classical bar from everyday essentials can withstand up to 350 pounds of weight at any given point in time. Manufactured from high-end alloy steel, it promises to be long-lasting and durable. Moreover, it comes with multiple knurled grips for additional safety and convenience.

Kurl bars are shorter and heavier in comparison to normal barbells as they are designed exclusively for bicep curls and backloaded walking lunges. But they may not perform well too heavy powerlifting. Its width measures 2 inches, enough to accommodate standard weight plates.

Everyday Essentials Standard Olympic Super Curl Barbell
Everyday Essentials Standard Olympic Super Curl Barbell


  • Suited for beginners
  • Space efficient
  • Unique design


  • Weight-bearing capacity low
  • Restricted use.

Final Thought

No matter how much effort and labor you give in selecting the best barbell for your home gym this is a serious piece of equipment. A barbell can be quite dangerous in the hands of the wrong person. So if you are new to weight lifting always seek the advice of a professional trainer before using one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. How much weight is a barbell?

Answer: Standard barbells measure about 5-6 ft and weigh anything between 15-25 lbs. However, the diameter of the barbell has a direct bearing on its weight lifting capacity.

Question 2. Is the barbell worth it?

Answer: You cannot undermine the importance of a barbell as far as resistance training goes. Thus they are a foolproof method to realize your fitness goals. Nowadays they have become an indispensable part of gym gear for most fitness enthusiasts.

Question 3. Are Rogue boneyard bars good?

Answer: Boneyard bars are bars that do not conform to Rogue strict quality control measures. Nevertheless, they are useable and come at a discounted price without any warranty and no return policy. So if your budget does not permit you to purchase high-end Rogue products you can go for boneyard bars at a discounted rate.

Question 4. How much weight can a rogue PowerBar hold?

Answer: With a tensile strength of 200,000 psi, it can accommodate 1500 lbs of static load.

Question 5. What is a Texas deadlift bar?

Answer: The Texas deadlift bar was designed by Buddy Capps, a powerlifter from Texas. It is designed to last a lifetime unlike the cheaper ones in the market. Now this standard bar is used to pile up extra load to your deadlift.

Question 6. What is a PowerBar used for?

Answer: A PowerBar is well suited for different lifts. You can even use it for benchpress as well as a squad bar. Furthermore, it can be used for deadlifting. Now it has become a permanent fixture in multiple USPA and USAPL platforms.


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