EquipmentThe 8 Best Kettlebells You Should Buy Online | USA

The 8 Best Kettlebells You Should Buy Online | USA

Best Kettlebells

Who could have fathomed that this minimalist piece of gym equipment with a single handle could be a rage among health freaks pursuing an active lifestyle? Swing, snatch, raise or rotate. Use it any way you feel like to boost your cardiac health and build up your muscle strength.

This nifty bundle of fun seriously complements dumbbell training for added muscle resistance. If used wisely the Kettlebells can restructure a lengthy gym session into a short swinging affair.

The immense benefits derived from kettlebells are hard to ignore. Kettlebells are an absolute must if you wish to tone up your muscles and aspire to have a lean physique. They have the added advantage of working on the muscles of your lower back and glutes. Coupled with basic cardio work they provide an effective solution to shed weight quickly. As per the research conducted by the American Council of Exercise, a 20-minute workout session with kettlebells leads to a loss of 400 calories.

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Investing in kettlebells is worth it because these nifty weights can be stored quite easily. Moreover, they are quite affordable and compact in comparison to other gym gear. On the whole, not a bad investment right!

Furthermore, the swinging movement employed while working on your kettlebells training is said to have a positive impact on your posture and help in muscle coordination. Thus kettlebell exercises can be mentally stimulating as well.

Thus if you are interested in a full-body workout and at the same time looking for an effective solution to manage chronic aches and pains kettlebell exercises are what you should aspire for. It restores fluidity in bodily movements.

With so many varieties available, finding the best one to cater to your workout needs can be mind-boggling. To spare you some effort we have rounded up some of the best kettlebells after lengthy consultation with fitness trainers to get you started on your fitness journey.

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Table of Contents

Buying Guide For The Best Kettlebell

1. Cast iron/vinyl

There are two types of kettlebells- cast iron and vinyl. As the name suggests the former is made entirely of cast iron. The basic difference between these two is that the latter comes with a vinyl coating. The only advantage of vinyl Kettlebell is that it is potentially less damaging on the floors due to its extra vinyl cushioning. Moreover, vinyl kettlebells are available in a myriad of color options. These help you to distinguish the different weight capacities based on their color. They are comparatively cheaper compared to iron cast ones. The only flip side to vinyl coating kettlebells is that it is subjected to splits and cracks and the surface becomes slippery when touched with clammy hands.

2. Sizing

Another important factor that needs to be addressed while choosing a kettlebell is the dimension of the handle and window. Not all kettlebells conform to the same size. Some are specifically designed for single-handed exercises. For instance, Snatch, press. Others allow you to perform deadlifts, and goblet squats which necessitate the use of both hands.

3. Weight

Lastly, you can never ignore weight and for that matter the weight capacity of the kettlebell. If you are a beginner start with low weight exercises till your body adapts to the new routine. For an effective kettlebell workout, the weight of the kettlebell should be light enough to be used continuously and at the same time heavy enough to be challenging.

Here Is A List Of The 8 Best Kettlebells You Should Buy

1. REP FITNESS Kettlebells

REP fitness brand offers multi-weight kettlebells. Each of them is color-coded depending on the capacity of the weight they carry. They come with a flat bottom suitable for performing exercises like Renegade rows, Kettlebell pushes, or anything that requires a flat platform. You can even opt for a kettlebell rack to store your kettlebells once you are done for the day.



  • Good grip
  • Handle smooth and textured
  • Flat bottom allows wider exercise choice.


  • Durability an issue
  • Finish inferior

2. Marcy Hammer Tone Kettlebells

This minimalist kettlebell devoid of extra frills is made entirely of cast irons and comes with an anti-rust coating. This anti-rust coating ensures its durability for years to come. These kettlebells are obtainable in multiple weight range capacities right from 20lbs to 55 lbs. Their textured surface includes a Hammertoe coating which allows for a stable and secure grip. On top of it all, a 2 years warranty period is provided.



  • Price affordable
  • A flat bottom finish prevents wobbling


  • Handle size not suitable for both arms sewing

3. Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Alike mercy hammer time, this cast iron kettlebell from yes for all matches your expectations of a classic kettlebell together with certain added features to make your workouts more interesting. Its powder coating surface rules out corrosion and increases its durability. Besides, it comes with a color-coded ring on the handle for easy recognition. Unlike its counterparts, the handles are wide enough to accommodate both hands.



  • Coating smooth with no indentation
  • Grip secure
  • Affordable


  • Some issues with handles

4. Amazon Basics Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

The state of duty Kettlebell brought by Amazon basics packs all the benefits of a cast iron Kettlebell plus the goodness of Vinyl coating. The vibrantly colored kettlebell is sure to draw a lot of attention. The vinyl coating acts as a cushion to prevent any damage to the floor. The textured handle ensures a secure grip. Some customers, however, are wary about quality issues.



  • Worth the price
  • Sturdy
  • Handle wide enough for both hands


  • Vinyl coating uneven
  • Base not flat

5. Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell

If you are short on space an adjustable Kettlebell is just what you need. It has different poundages rolled into a single unit without taking up a lot of space. With a mere rotation of the dial, you have the freedom to switch the weights from 8 -40 lbs depending on your fitness regime. This wide weight range allows you to perform a wide variety of workouts.



  • Multiple weight options ensure a great variety of exercises
  • Space efficient


  • Absence of fight pound increments between weights
  • Overpriced
  • Design flaw hinders certain exercises

6. Kettle Gryp

If you are planning to hit the road for several weeks at a stretch but do not wish to compromise on your fitness training then Kettle Gryp is your perfect companion. It can bear different weights depending on the handle size. It is portable and lightweight and easy to fit in your backpack. Handles are made of ABS plastic and are textured for a secure grip.



  • Easy conversion from dumbbell to kettlebell allows myriad of exercises
  • Portable and easy to travel with


  • Armguard Needed for comfort
  • Pricey

7. Kamagon Water Filled Adjustable Weight Kettlebell

This unique Kettlebell from Kamagon does not conform to the traditionally designed kettlebells. It is made of durable plastic with water inside to achieve the desired weight. You can adjust the water level to match your weight requirement. The water sloshes inside the bell creating an unstable resistance which makes the exercise routine all the more challenging. You can easily drain the water once you are done and store the Kettlebell away.



  • Dual handle design
  • Allows for multiple exercise routines
  • Does not leak


  • Limited weight

8. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kettlebell Set

This is a perfect set for beginners new to kettlebell workouts who may be reluctant to invest a lot of money in purchasing a full set. This set of 3 Kettlebells starting from 5lns to 15 lbs is a great way to start your fitness program. It is made of cement with a durable plastic coating. Those slightly bigger than cast iron kettlebells, these € are unsuitable for rigorous training. Moreover, it comes with a rack for convenient storage.



  • A perfect starter kit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Color-Coded


  • Extremely large

Final Thought

For a beginner new to this form of training any kettlebells will suffice. But for performing hardcore exercises investing in a quality best kettlebell is needed. However with cast iron ones you can never go wrong. Thus depending on your fitness level choose the right kettlebell that best needs your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which kettlebell is best?

Answer: Yes4all vinyl-coated kettlebells in our opinion are the best choice. Available in 5-weight poundages ranging from 5-50 lbs with a 5-pound increment is ideal for core strength training stamina building and full-body toning. Its premium quality vinyl finish safeguards it from chipping and abrasions.

Question 2. Are kettlebells worth it?

Answer: Kettlebells are a worthwhile addition to your gym gear for strength training and cardio workouts. This unique combination helps you to shed some unwanted body fat. A 20-minute workout session with kettlebells is similar to running miles.

Question 3. What’s the best kettlebell to start with?

Answer: The recommended weight category for females should be within the range of 13-18 lbs. They should initially start with 13 lbs and thereafter progress further. Similarly, for men, the ideal weight should be within the range of 24-35 lbs. They too should start with the lower weight first to get the feel of the thing before progressing further.

Question 4. Do I need two kettlebells?

Answer: Start with a single kettlebell initially. Once you have mastered the basic exercise you can make a transition to two kettlebells. Using 2 kettlebells at the same time doubles the load capacity. First, assess whether you are prepared to handle the extra load. Some fitness experts however recommend using 2 kettlebells. Their logic is that this helps in distributing the weight evenly.

Question 5. How heavy should kettlebells be?

Answer: For an effective workout schedule, the ideal weight of a kettlebell should be within the range of 18 lbs(8kg) to 26lbs(12kg) for women and 26 lbs (12 kg) to 44 lbs(20kg) for men.


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