Top 10 Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

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10 Cardio Exercises: You plan many times that from tomorrow you will go to the gym and do a lot of workouts, but he never comes tomorrow. Do not work even at home, because it is difficult to get gym-like machines and facilities available at home. As a result, seeing the fit body of others just keeps burning. In such a situation, if we say that you can keep yourself fit by exercising easily without any machine at home, then you are justified to be happy. We are not talking in the air, but will prove it with solid evidence.

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In this article on Stylecraze, we have brought you the top 10 cardio exercises that you can do anywhere. Doing these will not only burn your calories but also improve your metabolism. We will explain how to do cardio exercises, as well as its benefits.

Great Cardio Exercises at Home 

1. Jumping Jacks:

If it is said that jumping jacks are the most important in the category of cardio exercise, then it will not be wrong. By doing this, a huge amount of calories are burned. Also, by doing this, the thighs are strengthened and they get the right shape. Not only this, doing this exercise also helps in bringing the stomach in the right shape.

How to do: 

  • Before starting this exercise, it is important to stretch your legs and arms, so that it can be done easily and there is no problem while doing it.
  • Now stand straight and keep the waist and head straight. Keep the hands straight down with the body and both the legs are joined together.
  • Now jump as high as you can in the air while bending slightly on the knees.
  • While jumping, open your legs slightly and take both sides above the head, spreading both sides away from the body.
  • When coming down, there should be space between the legs and the hands should remain straight upwards.
  • Now join the legs together while jumping back and bring the hands down while spreading them away from the body.
  • Keep in mind that it has to be done not comfortably, but fast, only then it will benefit.

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In the beginning, you can do two rounds of this exercise and jump at least 30 times in each round. Later when you get used to, you can do five rounds instead of two. This cardio exercise is easy to do at home.

2. Cross Jack:

Cross jack is also a great exercise to burn calories. Also, by doing this exercise, excess fat deposited on the thighs, biceps, triceps and calf can be reduced. Through this, it becomes easy to tone the abs too.

How to do:

  • Stand straight with both legs joined together and keep the waist and head straight. Also, keep the arms straight with the body.
  • Now spread your legs a little and jump in the air.
  • Then when you come back down, place the feet on the ground crossing each other.
  • During this entire process, keep your hands near the waist or you can cross each other by raising the hands up to the shoulders in front. You can watch the video here to understand the process.
  • Try to breathe in when you bounce, and come down cross the legs, then exhale.

Note: In the beginning, you can do two rounds of this exercise and jump at least 30 times in each round. Later when you get used to, you can do five rounds instead of two.

3. Spot Jogs:

This exercise can also be easily done at home. It doesn’t even take much time to do this. This exercise is hardly completed in a minute. In this, just stand in one place and bend both legs from the knee and bring it up one by one. Also, it is important to move the hands fast, so that the heart rate can increase and the full benefit of this exercise is available. You can also do it slowly by standing in one place like jogging. This cardio exercise can be done comfortably at home.

4. Skater Squad:

This exercise is also beneficial in terms of burning calories. It also helps the core muscles to function properly. By doing this exercise, the lot, calf waist, etc. come in good shape. In short, skater squads keep the whole body shapely and balanced. There are many ways to do a skater squad, one of which we are talking about here.

How to do :

  • Stand straight with the legs together and keep the waist and head straight.
  • Now bend the right leg backward while keeping the left foot firmly on the ground.
  • Then bend forward while bending the left knee.
  • During this, bring the left hand back and the right hand forward, as shown in this video. Then rise back up. Make this whole process faster.
  • After doing about 15-20 times with the right leg, do it with the left foot. Thus one of your sets will be completed.

Note: In the beginning, you can do two such close sets.

5. Skipping:

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Skipping i.e. rope jumping continuously for 20 minutes can burn about 200 calories at a time. However, any long and strong rope present in the house can be used for this, but it would be better to use a skipping rope available at a cheap price in the market. Also, no special training or skill is required to do it. By doing this, the legs, thighs, waist and wrists etc. are fully exercised. Also, there is flexibility in the whole body.

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How to do :

  • Hold the skipping rope and stand up straight. Keep the hands about one foot away from the body.
  • Now bring the rope from back to front and move it backward. When the rope moves from front to back, jump over it.
  • Keep in mind that you have to jump on the toes and rotate the rope through your hands and wrists.

Note: Jumps can be done 25-30 times in a set. Three such sets can be made.

6. Jump Lunge:

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How to do :

  • To do this, stand straight and keep the waist and head straight.
  • Now bend both arms from the elbows and bring them near the waist.
  • Then bend with the right leg forward, while keeping the left hand near the chest and the right hand behind the back. This stage will be exactly the same when we are ready to run.
  • Now jump as high as you can and while coming back down, bend it while bringing the left leg forward, while moving the right leg back. The position of the hands will also change in the same way.
  • Thus one cycle will be completed. Keep doing this continuously fast.

Note: Do two sets of about 30 cycles like this and about 100 cycles in one set a few days later.

7. High Knee March:

high knee march

In the category of cardio exercise, High Knee March is the easiest to do, but it costs a lot of energy to do it. By doing this exercise, your buttocks, thighs and stomach abs can get a good shape. Also, the stamina of the body increases.

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How to do :

  • Stand up straight. Your feet should be joined together and hands straight with the body.
  • Now bend the left hand from the elbow to the chest, while bending the right leg from the knee and bringing it up.
  • Then bring the right leg and left hand down and raise the left leg and right hand. This process will be exactly the same as we normally go. Just stand in one place and move the legs up and down.
  • Do it neither slowly nor fast, only then it will benefit you.
  • Do this until you count to about 50, which will take you hardly 20 seconds.

Note: You can do about three sets like this.

8. Squat Jump:

Squat jump

By doing this, the heart rate increases, and blood circulation increases throughout the body, which affects metabolism. Squat jumping burns a huge amount of calories and also increases the capacity of the legs. You can do it anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t require much space, time, and no trainer.

How to do :

  • Stand straight open the legs slightly and keep the hands straight.
  • Now keep the waist straight, bend down while bending the knees slightly, and spread the hands straight forward.
  • After this, jump in the air as much as possible and move your hands up.
  • When back down, bend again bending the knees.
  • Thus one of your cycles is complete. You make it faster.

Note: You can do two sets of 10 cycles. Keep in mind that do not jump on the toes, but with the feet well on the ground.

10. Mountain Climber:

By doing this, the body burns a lot of calories, abs and thighs get a better shape, muscles are strengthened and blood circulation is better. It can also be tried in cardia exercises.

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How to do :

  • Lie down on your stomach on the ground and keep your hands close to the ground while bringing them close to the shoulders.
  • After this, raise the body with your hands. In this state, the entire weight of the body should be on the palms and toes. The body should be straight from top to bottom.
  • Now bend the left knee near the chest and stay in this position for about two seconds.
  • Then move the left leg back and immediately bring the right leg forward.
  • In this way, one of your cycles will be completed. Now do it continuously without breaks.

Note: Do two sets close to this and do 20 cycles in each set, which is then increased to 50.


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