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How To Use Ginger For Weight Loss| Best Tips

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Tired of spending your hard-earned income on fancy diet plans and wanted a quick solution to lose weight by not spending big money; then you landed on the right page. Here is the secret ingredient which can do wonders in your weight loss journey. This is ginger. Yes, you read it right. Ginger is proven to be the magical ingredient in facilitating weight loss and also provides various other benefits.

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Why Ginger?

Ginger, the super common substance available in every kitchen for day-to-day cooking can help us to achieve good health in multiple ways. Except for being a food spicing agent, it is also used as a medical herb. In Ayurveda ginger (zingiber Officinale) is termed a universal medicine. It has natural healing properties.

Ginger for weight loss

Bioactive compounds and tons of nutrients make ginger an outstanding medicinal plant. Besides this, it is proven that it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. Now let’s see its benefits.

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Ginger Infinite Benefits 

Here are some benefits listed below

  • Curing cold 
  • supports in indigestion 
  • boosts healthy skin
  • helping hair to grow
  • Cancer-fighting agents
  • curtailing inflammation in our bodies
  • as a joint pain relief 
  • assists in reducing stress
  • helps in maintaining a healthy weight 
  • mouth refresher
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Reduce bloating
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Remove bad toxins from the body

The list continues.

Can Ginger Help In Losing Extra Kilos?

Losing weight can be frustrating. Everyone wants to feel light but doesn’t work in that direction. Adding ginger to your daily routine can make your way easier.

Ginger is termed the most natural and powerful solution for stubborn fat. It is a negative-calorie herb that can increase energy levels. It can also curb hunger pangs by keeping your stomach fuller. Enhancing calorie burning ratio is always linked with weight loss. Plus it also stabilizes blood sugar levels. 

Drinking water with some ginger in the morning can be an immune booster for the body. Over and above it also keeps you hyperactive throughout the day. It helps in speeding up the metabolism in turn removes bad toxins. Adding to this, it also helps in balancing hormones. The main function that it performs is to reduce bloating to a great extent.

Moreover, effective results can only be seen in those cases where people continued the intake of ginger with some exercise as well as healthy food. Dr. Shikha Sharma, a health expert, says in her 101 weight loss tips (book) that drinking GINGER in water can help in better digestion and loss of weight.

To eliminate extra hunger one can have this before their meals. This makes you eat less. However, drinking after your meals can help in better digestion.

Medical chiefs state that ginger can typically be used along with different ingredients when the mission is to lose weight. So let’s see how this magical plant can be used with some other ingredients…

1. Ginger Tea: Lemon and Honey 

Ginger, an excellent herb when boiled in some hot water transfers its nutrients to the water. Drinking this water in the early morning helps in burning belly fat. For more benefits, you can add lemon and honey to it. 

Lemon is considered to have low calories and is an effective source of vitamin C. When mixed with ginger water it enhances the properties of water, making it fuller. As lemon is great for weight loss so adding it to the drink could make it more effective.

Adding honey as a natural sweetener forces the brain to release fat-burning hormones. Combining it with lemon and ginger takes the drink to the next level. 

Method To Prepare

Boil one glass of water with some inches of ginger. Strain the water. Now squeeze lemon and add honey. Drink it while it is lukewarm. Replacing this drink with your regular water can help you lose weight effortlessly.

2. Ginger With Turmeric 

Another herb from the same family as ginger is turmeric. Turmeric clamps down on the growth of fat tissues. It is also known to have the same inflammatory properties as ginger. When taken together, they both turn out to provide maximum benefit.

It lowers cholesterol levels. Soothing the muscles, this combination serves in increasing the focus of the human brain. Furthermore, it also keeps blood pressure under control. Drinking as a morning drink can help you to kick off your metabolism.

Method To Prepare

Add 2 cups of water into a pan along with some inches of ginger and 1 tablespoon of turmeric. Let it come to a boil. Now strain the water. Add some honey and drink it as it is lukewarm.

3. Ginger And Cinnamon 

Taking one level up you can further add cinnamon to your simple ginger tea. Cinnamon is loaded with fiber which helps in decreasing appetite levels and prepares the belly to lose more fat. Additionally, it also reduces cholesterol, and the sugar level in the blood, and maintains optimized blood pressure.

Method To Prepare 

Take a glass of water. Put it in a pan and now add some cinnamon along with ginger. Let it boil for about five minutes on a medium-high flame. For more benefits add a few drops of lemon as well as a tablespoon of honey. Drink it while it is hot.

4. Ginger With Milk

Ginger has warming properties. Providing natural heat to the body makes it more beneficial in regulating irregular mensuration cycles. Apart from this, it is used in various pickles, teas, chutneys, and even in lots of home remedies. During winter it is mandatory to have hot ginger tea to prevent oneself from the cold breeze. Replacing the traditional chai with ginger milk has turned the whole game.

As we all know that milk is always considered to have every essential nutrient. Adding some ginger to it can make milk wholesome. The anti-viral benefits of ginger help in fighting seasonal diseases like normal cough, cold, or headaches. 

Ginger milk is a super beneficial drink, especially in winter.

Method To Prepare

Add a cup of milk to a pan. Next, add ginger cubes and let them boil for four minutes. Set it on high flame. Switch off the flame and let it sit for one more minute. Add jaggery according to taste and mix it well. Enjoy this milk in super cold weather.

5. Lit Up Your Coffee With Some Spice

Why do we drink coffee? The answer could be: to gain more power or to be more energetic. What if we add a little ginger to it?  Yes, you can also add a little ginger piece to your morning coffee. Both of these are the biggest source of energy. When both are combined, they help in increasing the metabolism level. Also Coffee with ginger can help in curing a cold and flu. This duo team up in fighting against free radicals that are found in our bloodstream. 

Method To Prepare

This coffee is very easy to make. Simply add some inches of ginger to your regular coffee and enjoy.

Other Benefits 

1. Ginger And Hair 

  • Ginger helps to make hair strong and beautiful. It not only promotes hair growth but also helps in fighting against several hair problems like- dandruff, hair loss, scalp acne, dullness, etc. 
  • It contains various vitamins which help in promoting more hair growth while keeping them healthier. It increments blood circulation to the scalp which results in good hair growth.
  • Chewing a little piece daily can benefit the hair. It can make them shine and restore lost moisture.
  • Moving ahead Ginger also carries antioxidants that slow down split ends.
  • You can even make different hair growth masks for hair using ginger juice.

Thus, ginger not only helps the body but also promotes strong hair.

2. Ginger And Skin

  • Ginger contains anti-aging properties. With 40 antioxidants, it turns out to be the most useful component for reducing facial wrinkles.
  • Not only this, but it also eliminates scars that happened due to pigmentation and makes skin look softer and even.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties can provide more benefits by fighting against acne.

Usage: you can directly apply ginger juice to your face. It will rejuvenate your skin.

Finally Yet Importantly

Ginger benefits the most body and hair but its usage should be done responsibly. Excess of it can irritate the throat area and also can lead to severe burns in the heart region. There are bundles of benefits but the negative effects cannot be ignored. Considering all the plus points this magical ingredient can prove to be an excellent source of multiple nutrients. Add these refreshing drinks to your morning routine and shed off those extra ounces.

So which one of the above are you going to try?


This article is purposive for intended general information and does not mark individual circumstances. It is not an alternative to professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician must be consulted to diagnose and treat any medical condition. Any decision you make depending upon the information highlighted here is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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