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How to Drink Kombucha for Weight Loss

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How To Drink Kombucha for Weight Loss

Lockdown has made people lazy and is adding extra pounds to our weight. Decreasing and maintaining weight needs a lot of work, and many factors contribute to weight loss.
Dieting could be overwhelming for someone new to it, plus for long-term weight loss, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Cutting some food items could be again a difficult task but incorporating some things to help you in weight loss is essential. When included in your diet, it could help you with weight loss. It is also packed with many long-term health benefits and improves gut health. Today, we will be stating some of the benefits of including it in your diet with some quick, easy recipes.

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First, let me share some light on what Kombucha is. It is a type of sweetened green or black tea which is fermented with yeast and bacteria. It has a lot of health benefits if consumed in a moderate amount.

Kombucha Benefits In Weight Loss

Though Kombucha has many other health benefits than weight loss alone, let’s first talk about the weight loss benefits of this probiotic drink.

1. Enriched Pro Biotic Source

Kombucha is a potential source of probiotics since specific strains of yeast and bacteria are added to green or black tea. It is then fermented and consumed. The benefits of adding these bacteria in such a way provide a cure to a vast number of problems, including inflammation, digestion, and even weight loss. Probiotics provide our gut with healthy bacteria, resulting in a healthier body.

For this reason, adding Kombucha to your everyday diet would prove to be quite helpful for your health.

2. Kombucha Contains Antioxidants

Research and many scientists state that antioxidants present in drinks and beverages are better for health than antioxidant supplements which are taken directly. Reactive molecules and free radicals in the body which could worsen health are killed with these antioxidants.

Animal studies suggest that drinking Kombucha every day helps with maintaining the liver. And liver cleans out the toxins from our body and also provides a good metabolism, which is needed for quick weight loss.

3. Kombucha Comes Up With Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has proven to be very effective in weight loss because it contains bioactive compounds. These compounds also function as antioxidants in our body which is the most needed for weight loss. Kombucha, which is made from green tea, would also contain the same compounds present in green tea and thus will be beneficial in the same way. And researchers have said that green tea helps reduce belly fat, calories in the body, and blood sugar levels, and improves cholesterol levels. All these benefits are also shown by consuming Kombucha.

4. Reduces Heart Condition Risks

Heart disease is accustomed to being the world’s leading explanation for death. The condition has since been overtaken by COVID nineteen.

Studies in rats show that kombucha tea will improve heart health. It will thus eliminate unhealthy low-density lipoprotein and rising smart HDL cholesterol in precisely thirty days.

Even more brilliant, if you brew this drink from the tea leaf, it will defend your LDL cholesterol from a chemical reaction that contributes to a heart condition.

You will have a thirty-first low risk of developing heart issues if you take Kombucha brewed from the tea leaf.

5. Helps Manage Sort two Polygenic Disorders

Type two polygenic disorder has to date, affected scores of individuals worldwide. The condition is characterized by internal secretion resistance and high glucose.

A study in diabetic rats concluded that kombucha tea slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, which results in reduced glucose levels. Additionally improves urinary organ and liver functions.

Kombucha tea brewed from tea leaf is also beneficial; tea leaf has been shown to assist curb glucose levels.

A review of three 1,00,000 subjects saw that drinking tea leaves lowers the danger of turning diabetes by eighteen.

6. Protects Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. The condition is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and mutations.

In test-tube tests, kombucha tea has been shown to stop the expansion and unfolding of cancerous cells. It is attributed to its high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Polyphenols stop factor mutations and the growth of cancer cells yet promote neoplastic cell death.

How To Drink Kombucha for Weight Loss
How To Drink Kombucha for Weight Loss

Kombucha Weight Loss Drink Recipe

Making it has a pretty simple recipe that does not involve a lot of work, plus you can make it at home. It should make correctly since consuming contaminated Kombucha has various health effects and could be fatal. But don’t be worried since here we’re providing the perfect and safe recipe to prepare Kombucha.
You can get a kombucha tea ready-made from the store or make it with some ingredients with yourself at home. The ingredients do need to be in a moderate amount. Moving on to the recipe now

Ingredients: Pre-made kombucha or yeast, green or black tea, water, sugar


  1. Heat all the ingredients with constant stirring.
  2. Keep the mixture at room temperature for a week once it’s made.
  3. Attaching a tightening lid to the jar and securing it with a cotton cloth from the top would help the mixture breathe.
  4. The tea can be consumed in the next 6-12 days.

Remember, the longer the mixture stands, the more alcoholic it becomes.

To avoid any contamination in the tea during the process of making it, these two steps must be taken into consideration

  1. Avoid using and storing Kombucha in ceramic or lead containers; only use glass containers.
  2. Before brewing up the drink, always make sure to sterilize the equipment beforehand.

In case it is frightening to make this at home, buy a drink from the store, and avoid any sugar-containing brands.

How to Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss? | Consuming Kombucha For Weight Loss

1. Swap up Kombucha and booze

Alcohol usually has higher levels of calories and sugar which could be actively adding up the extra pounds. Swapping up such drinks with Kombucha could be very beneficial for weight loss.

2. Quantity of kombucha to drink every day

Kombucha contains sugars, so it should be limited to a certain level. Drinking a moderate level of Kombucha surely does help reduce weight. An intake of around 240ml per day is beneficial.

3. Selection of the Right time to consume kombucha

  • Breakfast: It is advisable to drink Kombucha during breakfast for the high benefits of weight loss. But since it is a probiotic drink, people not used to it should not consume it during breakfast. It could cause an upset stomach.
  • Lunch: Lunchtime is perfect since drinking Kombucha makes you feel full, which is one of the main factors for weight loss. Also, it aids digestion too.
  • Dinner: If one is sensitive to caffeine, one should not consume this drink during the night. Since Kombucha contains caffeine, it could keep you up late at night.

4. Have An Holistic Approach

Kombucha isn’t alone going to solve your weight loss problems; many things are taken into consideration together for the process of weight loss effectively. Some of the points are mentioned below, which have to be followed together with its consumption for weight loss.

Drink Plenty of Water Before the Meal 

Drinking water boosts metabolism and burns calories. Also, it makes you feel full before having a meal.

Try Fasting

Fasting cuts down calories and can rapidly reduce some pounds from your body.

Cut off Sugar 

Sugar is your greatest enemy in the weight loss process. Cutting off sugar would provide maximum health benefits in life and weight loss journey.

Replace Eggs With Grain 

Eggs add a lot of calories and thus can be substituted for another source of proteins.

Use Small Plates 

It would help if you consumed Fewer meals, so your plate looks fuller even with less food.

Regular Exercise 

Move your body; try spot reduction if you have any fat in your body. Walking and jogging could also be beneficial but try to watch and perform some weight loss every day.

Other Benefits

Consuming Kombucha in moderate amounts has more health benefits along with weight loss. It helps in regulating blood sugar and helps fight cancers. It keeps the heart healthy and also helps with digestion issues. It is a total starter pack for a healthy body and weight loss.

If you are looking for it, do not be hesitant to get and consume this healthy drink every day.

The Negative Side of  drinking Kombucha For Weight Loss

For all that, drinking Kombucha for weight loss is good for you; it also possesses few side effects when consumed in large amounts. They comprise the following:

1. Can Cause Weight Gain

Kombucha is sweet and tasty. So, you could easily take a lot of it. Some brands contain as high as 120 calories per bottle.

If you take this drink daily, it can cause excess calorie consumption and, in due course, weight gain.
People who consume high-calorie drinks regularly consume more calories daily than those who don’t, which can cause weight gain.

2. Can lead to  Digestive Distress

Having too much Kombucha can lead to bloating effects.

This drink is carbonated, so having an excess can easily lead to bloating and excessive gas.

In addition, the tea possesses unique ingredients known as FODMAPs. These carbs can lead to digestive issues in some people, especially those bearing IBS.

3. It Is Threatening To Some People

The beverage can lead to severe side effects for some individuals. Since the drink comprises a variety of yeast and bacteria, it can foster some opportunistic bacteria, which cause infections in a few people.

For example, people having weak immune systems like those fighting HIV, cancer, or kidney diseases, can lead to severe complications by drinking Kombucha.

It also has alcohol and caffeine and should be prohibited by breastfeeding and pregnant women.

The Bottom Line

Drinking Kombucha for weight loss has been connected to many health benefits. This drink not only assists you in burning that fat in your belly and waistline, but it could also improve your digestion, block a lot of chronic illnesses, and much more. The best thing you could do is limit drink consumption to prevent possible side effects such as weight gain, digestive stress, etc.


This article is purposive for intended general information and does not mark individual circumstances. It is not an alternative to professional advice or help. It should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician must be consulted to diagnose and treat any medical condition. Any action you take due to the information on this page is entirely at your own risk and responsibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How much kombucha should I drink a day for weight loss?

Answer: One should take 240ml per day to gain many benefits from Kombucha.

Question 2. How much Kombucha should I drink a day?

Answer: One can have four ounces of Kombucha, i.e., one to three times a day.

Question 3. How many times a week should you drink kombucha?

Answer: It is advised to drink Kombucha 4–6 times a week.

Question 4. Is it better to drink kombucha in the morning or evening?

Answer: The prime time to have Kombucha is midday to help digestion and keep you packed with energy.

Question 5. Is it OK to drink kombucha every day?

Answer: Yes, it is OK to drink Kombucha every day.

Question 6. Can drinking kombucha help you lose weight?

Answer: Although the weight loss results are limited, Kombucha only comprises 30 calories per cup—and once the taste is obtained, it can restore calorically-dense fruit juices or carbonated beverages.

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