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We understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle! We don’t just assist you with weight management but also keep a check on what you eat and drink for your overall holistic wellness.

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Personalized plans that fit your unique lifestyle.


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Make your fitness journey fun with entertaining workouts and yoga sessions.

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Make the right food choices for your body and mind to lead a vibrant, healthy life.

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Personalized care and expert support throughout your fitness journey.


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Based on Lifestyle
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We Offer Top-Notch Services

Tailored Dietary Plans

Building personalized nourishment plans for your desired health and wellness goals.

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Yoga & Workouts Sessions

Structured exercise routines and yoga sessions tailored to your fitness goals.

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Stress Relief Programs

Designed to eliminate stress and promote mental well-being.

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Consultation with our dietitians to understand your health conditions and body requirements.


Tasty diets and fun workouts will be personalized depending on the needs of an individual.


Stay connected with our Experts to monitor your daily improvements & raise concerns.


Meet the end results of your fitness goals with our customized plans and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chronic Ailments like Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS in women, Thyroid, and Weight Management are some of the common Healthcare Issues that we work with.

The nutrition protocol that we provide you with is personalized basis your nutrition preferences and your health background so that it is doable, sustainable, and gets great results.

Don’t know what they are? Don’t worry. We’ll be explaining them all to you in our initial consultation call!

The diet treatment isn’t a replacement for medical advice but can be done along with the medication that your doctor has prescribed to you.

We have Certified Healthcare Experts on our panel. They are certified from ISSA, IFSA, ACE, Lady Irwin College, and IGNOU.

We will help you with receding from the diet treatment the right way and with a post diet protocol so that your results are sustainable.

What Our Clients Say

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Sidharth Varma

Sidharth Varma

A commitment to staying hydrated and consuming wholesome foods has been the cornerstone of my health journey. I’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in my vitality and overall well-being.Discovering the power of adequate rest and rejuvenation has been life-changing. Quality sleep has become my secret weapon, boosting my productivity and mood like never before.

Sidharth Varma

Business Man


Embracing a plant-based diet has been a game-changer for my health. Not only do I feel lighter and more energetic, but I’ve also noticed significant improvements in my digestion and overall vitality.Consistency in self-care rituals has been my key to longevity. Whether it’s nurturing my skin with natural products or indulging in relaxing activities, I’ve unlocked a fountain of youth within myself.


Home Maker


Grateful for our Rishi’s support during my pregnancy. His personalized nutrition plan was fun to follow, ensuring my well-being and a healthy pregnancy. His Storytelling skills and compassionate approach made the journey fulfilling. Highly recommended for housewives on the beautiful path of motherhood.




As a professor, my demanding schedule made fitness seem unattainable. Thanks to Rishi, I not only achieved my fitness goals but also seamlessly integrated healthy habits into my academic life. His funny jokes and continuous support were instrumental. Highly recommended for busy professionals seeking a healthier lifestyle.


Business Owner


Incredible experience with Rishi. I was scared of switching towards a plant based diet. I met Rishi through a common friend and he convinced me to go with it for a week. It’s been three months. His expertise in crafting a vegan nutrition plan was transformative. Personalized guidance, delicious meal options, and unwavering support made embracing a vegan lifestyle seamless. Grateful for their dedication to my well-being. Highly recommended for anyone on the journey to a healthier, plant-powered life.


Business Owner


My experience with Rishi was exceptional. My health journey was transformed through his personalized approach. Achieving my goals was made a reality with his guidance and support. His commitment to my well-being is highly appreciated. You get a dedicated and knowledgeable partner on the path to a healthier life is strongly recommended by me.


Home Maker

Manuel Kramer

The diet that I have done with Maitri has really helped me to become aware of eating the right food and more importantly in the right quantity. It has helped me reduce a good amount of inches which has obviously been noticed by all.This has been a lifestyle change for me.a healthy one and it has also given a boost to energy levels.

Manuel Kramer


Timothy Davis

Maitri’s approach was truly effective and brought positive changes in my body. In a short span,I have witnessed an improvement in my skin, and felt a boost in appetite. Also,experienced an increase in energy level. Their customized, easy-to-follow meal plans made the journey seamless,and I’m grateful for the transformation in my well-being.

Timothy Davis

Business owner

Pooja Singh

Maitri’s diet plan is really very helpful,as the entire program is so detailed, meticulous and designed to meet every individual’s needs.She studied my daily schedules and accordingly gave me a plan which I could easily follow.The plans were tweaked every week to meet the changing requirements of the body and my schedule.The concept of daily updating of each meal is quite unique and makes me answerable on a daily basis.

Pooja Singh

Home maker