Share Your Fitness Journey

Share Your Fitness Story Or Journey with us. We believe every individual’s fitness story is unique, motivational, and inspirational that can inspire millions worldwide. So, write to us. If your story ignites a sense of purpose, we shall spread it to the world. We’ll share your story on all our social handles and on our website Aidefit too. 

Well, documenting your fitness journey can help you become a motivator in the digital space. It is a great idea to keep your journey memorable and help others become positive. It’s time to share your motivational videos through a video creator. Edit and share!

Frame your story around these key points:

  • Self-introduction (name, age, height, weight, residence)
  • Turning point (what made you take up fitness on a serious note)
  • Hurdles faced (health problems, lack of results, diet issues, other reasons)
  • The driving force (inspirational factors, role models)
  • Workout program (weights, cardio, running, yoga, Zumba, MMA, etc)
  • Diet followed
  • Supplements used (if any)
  • Long-term Fitness Goal (yourself 5 years from now)
  • Inspire your tribe (advice to fellow fitness enthusiasts)
  • Before & after pictures (please attach images that depict your achievement, preferably “before & after” transformation images)
  • Video (please attach a drive link if you have any)

Please mail your story to [email protected]

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