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Share Your Fitness Journey

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Share Your Fitness Story Or Journey We believe every individual’s fitness story is unique, motivational, and inspirational that can inspire millions worldwide. So, write to us. If your story ignites a sense of purpose, we shall spread the world. We’ll share your story on all our social handles and our website too. Frame your story around these key points:

    • > Self-introduction (name, age, height, weight, residence)
    • > Turning point (what made you take up fitness on a serious note)
    • > Hurdles faced (health problems, lack of results, diet issues, other reasons)
    • > Driving force (inspirational factors, role models)
    • > Workout program (weights, cardio, running, yoga, Zumba, MMA, etc)
    • > Diet followed
    • > Supplements used (if any)
    • > Long term Fitness Goal (yourself 5 years from now)
    • > Inspire your tribe (advice to fellow fitness enthusiasts)
    • > Before & after pictures (please attach images that depict your achievement, preferably “before & after” transformation images)
  • >Video (please attach a drive link if you have)

Please mail your story to [email protected]

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