Diabetic shoes sound like a new concept but they just are comfortable shoes. This footwear is specially designed for people who are afraid of their skin breaking down. Diabetics usually could be afraid of getting deep cuts and extra pain because their injuries do not age like a normal person, they take a lot of time to heal, and sometimes it could get worse too. These shoes are thus designed for people with existing foot diseases adding an extra depth for comfort and are also called therapeutic shoes or sugar shoes.

Why Do People Use Diabetic Shoes? What Are Its Uses?

Every discipline has its kind of products and equipment. Shoes are different for every sport because they serve a different purposes. Just like this, diabetics need special kinds of shoes to prevent and control any cases of ulcers, cuts, wounds, or sores. The risk of all these issues is reduced and it can heal problems caused on the feet.

The shoes are made of special material and the interior is made of soft seamless cloth with no stitches to prevent irritation and cuts. They also have an extra depth which helps reduce the pressure on the joints which could cause pain. Ankle and foot specialists tell that these shoes are for providing comfort as well as protection.

Some of these risks can even be caused by poor blood circulation and that is why people tend to develop infections, corns, gangrenes, etc. With the soft material and other protective measures taken to construct these shoes, these can also be reduced.

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Want To Buy Your Diabetic Shoes? Take A Look At Buying Guide

For preventing the risks and the infections that could be caused or which you are suffering through, it is important to get good customized shoes of your own. Usually, it is taken care that diabetic shoes provide you with both protection and comfort, but there are some important factors to look into before getting these :

  1. Soft Fabric: The interior of the shoe should be crafted with a soft fabric to prevent any injuries. It also should be flexible enough to move your toes so it has a foot ulcers and blisters. Also get a shoe which is loose enough that makes your foot slide easily inside and outside without much pain.
  1. Foam Padding: Weight distribution balance is important when you have foot problems. You could be putting pressure on a particular joint which makes it painful and impossible to walk. A foam padding helps with this since it reduces the pressure on the bottom of the foot and also helps with shock absorption.
  1. Padded Collar: This padding helps with eliminating pressure as well because the extra foam padding near the heel gives a gentle touch while interacting with the floor. This gives more comfort.
  1. Rubber Outsole And Orthotic Insole: The rubber outsole provides stretch to your shoes and lets them shape according to your foot without pain. While the orthotic insole is a single layer of foam found in shoes to give extra comfort while taking a step.
  1. Air Pockets: This gives your shoes extra comfort by providing extra space at your heel. The cushion prevents direct stress on the joints and helps with smooth movement.
  1. Arch Support: This limits pronation which reduces the pain normally associated with diabetes.
  1. Wide Widths And Comfort Linings: It should be a good fit for you and give you enough space. The tongue of the shoe should be wide and padded to give ultimate comfort.

Where To Find Diabetic Shoes?

Visit a doctor to understand how to minimize your infections. Check your feet so that they can recommend you the correct type of shoe. Then ask a medical practitioner who can help you with customizing your own shoes, they also make diabetes shoes.

Best Diabetic Shoes

You can also get the shoes online through a pharmacy or a specialized shoe store. If you are planning on getting them online, then we have some recommendations for diabetes shoes for you :

1. DENACARE Men’s Wide Width Shoes

These shoes are wide and have an extra depth which gives support and offers a customized fit. They are light in weight and 100% made with polymer and have a rubber sole. It is stretchable and breathable and provides an extra protective firm heel counter for extra stability and support. It consists of an adjustable hook and fastener which allow easy putting in and off according to your adjustments. The sole is flexible and durable and offers an extra grip and promotes a smoother transition plus the sole is non-skid too. It has a memory foam attached inside which provides amazing moisture management. These shoes are made with environmentally friendly materials and are completely washable.

DENACARE Mens Wide Width Shoes

2. DENACARE Women’s Wide Width shoes

Provides almost the same features as DENACARE Men’s Wide Width Shoes. They are stretchable, breathable, and provide comfort and support. Extra wide for preferable adjustment and support. Has a memory foam for extremely good moisture management and is made with polymer. The flexible non-skid sole provides a sturdy grip and smoother feeling while walking. It is easy to put on and remove because of the width. Use environmentally friendly materials and are completely washable. Ordering the exact size would be a great choice for a proper fit.

DENACARE Womens Wide Width shoes

3. Men’s Extra wide adjustable diabetic recovery slippers

As the name says, the shoes are extra wide and are thus easy to remove and put on. They have adjustable straps which help during swelling. They provide a soft seamless interior to eliminate pressure points and pain in joints. They give instant relief since they are super comfortable and soft. They are both machines and hand washable, plus they are super light in weight. These skid-resistant shoes provide a good grip for safety and security. They are high-quality shoes and made with good materials which do not wear off easily. These shoes offer both comfort and protection of sensitive feet, swollen feet, infected feel, and more. They come at an affordable price and are thus preferred.

Mens Extra wide adjustable diabetic recovery slippers

4. Women’s Stylish Diabetic Shoes

These shoes provide an extra-wide width for a comfortable feel if your feet are swollen. They have 3 pairs of extra foam insoles for a customized feel since they are removable. The extended width makes it more stretchable and breathable while walking, which is perfect for outdoor activities and the padding provides support and comfort. They support the arches and have lightweight non-skid soles. Comes with adjustable straps to adjust it according to your needs and is suitable for all kinds of foot pain.

Womens Stylish Diabetic Shoes

5. Women’s Air Cushion Diabetic walking shoes

With the air cushion and softcover it provides, it acts as a shock absorber. It is easy to put on and put off since the straps are adjustable and can be used when feet are swollen. It is super comfortable cause it relaxes your arch and vanishes common foot pain because of its ergonomic soft pillows under the feet. It is easy to accommodate and has a rubber heel for flexibility and comfort while walking, this also provides a good grip. These velcro shoes are breathable, light in weight, and perfect for daily use. These shoes are designed to be extra roomy and comfortable feel to accommodate swollen feet.

Womens Air Cushion Diabetic walking shoes

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