There is an increase in pollutants in the air both outdoors and indoors and we need to seriously make some special efforts for controlling this. And it is seen that indoor air gets much more polluted than the air outdoor. This happens because air circulation does not take place efficiently and the polluted air usually accumulates in your rooms and could cause airborne diseases. Spreading of these airborne diseases can take place very fast and spread up easily since the only medium here is air, thus controlling the pollution is pretty needed in today’s generation.

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Talking about air purifiers, these could be pretty effective in ruling out the air pollutants which are prone to cause airborne diseases. Air purifiers help in refreshing stale air around us which protects us from respiratory infections and other health issues. There are several benefits to having an air purifier at home for safety purposes since the bad quality of air maybe would not cause health issues right now, but maybe in the long term. Since we know precaution is always better than cure

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Let Us Check Out Some Of The Other Benefits An Air Purifier Provides

1. Helps With Asthma Symptoms

Polluted air and pollen particles could likely show asthma symptoms. Inhaling these particles could cause allergies since they could contain dust mites, they thrive in a humid environment. Most household air purifiers capture all these pollutants and let you inhale clean air, this happens because of the HEPA filters present in them. Pollens, dust mites, and other allergens are cleaned up, some people also have an upgraded version that also traps larger particles floating in the air.

2. Neutralizes Odour

Volatile organic compounds usually found in sprays, paints, or furniture could cause breathlessness and nausea. Thus HEPA and activated carbon filters are used to drive out these odors, from the indoors and even outdoors. Getting an effectively working air purifier would help meet this demand.

3. Airborne Diseases Get Less Prone

Floating pathogens cause many airborne diseases like the common cold and flu plus it is not common to get infected with the same disease if you are staying in a single house, this just happens due to the pathogens in the air. Bacteria and viruses are killed with these HEPA filters present in the purifiers.

4. Wipes Out Harmful Chemicals From The Indoor Environment

Excess carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be accumulated in the case of closed doors. These can enter the house due to pollution caused by the vehicles. Also, many house cleaners contain ammonia and other chemicals which could be harmful. For this, refreshment of air is a necessity.

5. Life Expectancy Can Be Increased

Many of these pathogens could cause respiratory and cardiac health problems. A good purifier could come in handy and help you with these risks.

It could have been very tempting to get this fixed in your house since it is a very beneficial device. So here are some

Air Purifier Recommendations You Can Choose From

1. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense

It can cover a large area like a master bedroom of around 270-420 sq. ft. It comes with an activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter which removes 99.99% of the dust pollens and house mites. It purifies a standard room in just 10 minutes and has a sleep mode too. The sleep mode reduces the fan speed automatically which reduces the sound from the device and helps to have a sound sleep. It also has an inbuilt smart light feature which helps to dim the light if needed. This eliminates formaldehyde and TVOC along with unpleasant odors.

Philips AC1758 63 Air Purifier 491903048 i 1


  • Lowers noise in the environment
  • High productivity, pollutants are removed 99.99%


  • Does not come with a remote control
  • Not cost-friendly

2. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

The filters are 99.6% effective and help in removing air pollutants across 135 sq. ft. room to a 1212 cubic. Ft. room. This is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and office rooms plus this purifier also helps in reducing the pollution. This covers up the entire area within 30 minutes which gives us an odor-free environment. It is well suited for bedrooms since it has an automatic light shut-off feature which could be pretty useful.

Coway AP 1512HH Mighty


  • Covers a huge area
  • Automatic light feature
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable up to even 5 years


  • The carbon filter is less effective
  • No child lock feature

3. Honeywell AirTouch A5 55-Watt Air Purifier

It measures the real-time pollution level inside your room and provides versatile area coverage and efficiency. It has a HEPA purifier and airflow in three directions is vented to ensure dirty air is suctioned more effectively. This has a three-stage advanced filtration system that cleans the entire room in around 10 minutes. It consumes low power and this is cost-effective. It has a child lock feature it is considered an Ozone free Air purifier. It has a washable filter which removes larger pollutants too.

Honeywell AirTouch A5 55 Watt Air Purifier


  • Sleep mode, easy to clean
  • Ozone free
  • Three-stage advanced filtration system with real-time meter


  • Durability issues

4. Winix 5500-2

This provides an exceptional performance capturing 99.99% of pollutants in the room in just 30 minutes on high speed and 97.2% on medium-high settings. Since it has this setting mode, it can be effective for your house. It has an automatic display shut-off feature inbuilt and lowers energy consumption, this reduces the cost making it cost-effective. It has a stark and sturdy look which makes it look classy wherever it is fitted or kept.

Winix 5500 2


  • Mode settings
  • Lower energy consumption


  • Lack of display shut off

5. Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA filter

Filtration efficiency is 99.97% with the inbuilt HEPA filter. It has an OLED monitor and smartphone integration that works with Google and Alexa. It has a high-precision laser sensor that senses tiny dust particles in the air and purifies them effectively making it odors-free and allergen-free. It has a 3 layer filtration system which is super beneficial. Plus it has a brightness control monitor and also an automatic brightness sensor.

Mi Air Purifier 3 with HEPA filter


  • Coverage area: 484 sq. ft.
  • OLED display
  • Filtration efficiency is 99.97%


  • Small display and a low-quality filter

6. Winix AM90

This has a modern style with a sleeker design perfect for your home. This luxurious model provides the same HEPA filter as the Winix 5500-2. Though this model just has one color, white in the option. It can be smartphone integration and be added a Wi-Fi setting but it would add a few more dollars.

Winix AM90


  • Wi-Fi settings if upgraded


  • No display shut off
  • High energy consumption

7. Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Air Purifier

This air purifier has a built-in humidifier, thus it purifies and humidifies the entire room properly, this is the best for areas with humidity or dry areas. The air multiplier technology covers a wide area due to its strong air production, plus it automatically senses and reports air quality levels. It has a HEPA filter and a carbon filter which clears up 99.95 of the air pollutants and allergens. This has a Wi-Fi setting and can be controlled from anywhere, also it has 10 level airflow modes that can be used to moderate the speeds. The data recorded can be accessed through a smartphone.

Dyson Pure Humidify Cool Air Purifier


  • Wi-Fi setting and stored data
  • Built-in humidifier


  • Expensive

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