EquipmentTop 7 Best Oximeters you can use at Home | USA

Top 7 Best Oximeters you can use at Home | USA


Nowadays when people have started caring about their health more than they did earlier, many of us do have some health monitoring equipment at our place like a blood pressure monitoring machine, weight machine, diabetes monitoring device according to the health conditions.

Pulse oximeters are widely getting popular these days. This is a medical device that is usually attached to your fingertip or earlobe to monitor your breathing and heart rate. The device has an LCD monitor which shows your oxygen level and pulse. This is also called a finger pulse oximeter pulse oximetry or just an oximeter.

Now let us talk about what does an oximeter actually does. It is just attached to your fingertip and starts calculating your oxygen level and pulse immediately. The results are also displayed quite quickly and in no time you would be able to monitor these levels. The main question which arises is whether can oximeter detects Covid 19?

Exactly no, but if you have a mild fever or Covid symptoms and could cure it by staying quarantined in the home, this is a great device. It could be used to regularly check your oxygen levels and thus you could understand if your lungs are getting healthier or just getting worse. For a normal person, the blood oxygen level should be between 95% – 100%.

Blood oxygen level below 90% is considered dangerous and it is highly recommended that you check-up with a doctor.

There are three kinds of oximeters available. The fingertip pulse oximeter, handheld oximeter, and fetal pulse oximeter. Here, we are just talking about the fingertip oximeter, it is used for domestic and clinic use while the other two are used in just hospitals and clinics. While getting a fingertip pulse oximeter for your house, you need to keep some things in mind, these are mentioned below.

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Buying Guide For Oximeter

1. The Price Range of The Oximeter

Make sure to not pay double the amount when getting oximeters. Oximeters usually lay within the price range of $26 – $54. Make sure you get them according to your budget and do not pay a lot more than the expected range.

2. Accuracy

The device should show perfect accuracy in the readings no matter where you are using this.

3. Reading Time

Do get an oximeter which gives you a reading instantly. Usually, oximeters give the results immediately and you do not have to wait a lot, but make sure you test it before getting it.

4. Water Resistance

Make sure you get an oximeter that is water-resistant. This doesn’t mean you go and check your pulse in the water but just for safety and durability purposes make sure it does not cause a lot of effects if you accidentally spill water over it.

5. Customer Reviews

This is one of the most important things that need to be checked, especially if you are getting something online. Make sure to go through the features of the product but also the reviews and feedback by other people. It is better to get a product with the most positive reviews.

Let us now look at some of the ideal oximeters you could buy for home needs

1. SantaMedical Generation 2 pulse oximeter

The SantaMedical Generation 2 pulse oximeter is quite affordable and pocket-friendly. This oximeter has a unique auto shut-off feature if not used within 10 seconds. This helps the oximeter not to drain the battery and stays can be used for a long time. This oximeter needs AAA batteries to function.

This gives a quick and precise reading and can be easily attached to the fingertip. This is used to monitor real-time pulse checks, they can be used at home and at other places with a high altitude to check the oxygen level but are not used in clinics or hospitals. It is easy to use and carry plus the display is bright and can be viewed any time of the day.

SantaMedical Generation 2 pulse oximeter

2. Beurer PO30 Pulse Oximeter

It has a large display screen with four graphic display formats which allow you to take the readings easily. It comes with an auto switch-off function just like in the SantaMedical Generation 2 pulse oximeter, which helps not to drain the battery easily. It also has a Low Battery indicator.

This is easy to use, light in weight, and comes with high-quality material which makes it more durable. This oximeter is quite convenient and flexible since it allows fingertips of all sizes to be monitored. It is compact, durable, and low power draining and thus can be carried and used even while traveling.

Beurer PO30 Pulse

3. Innovo’s iP900AP Pulse Ox

This a purely a portable in-house use oximeter. This is available in a bright white color and uses AAA batteries to function. This has a high-quality OLED screen with six multi-directional display choices.

This is sensitive and accurately and quickly displays the result plus it is easy to use. This is also quite reliable since this is light in weight and also portable. It has a Plethysmograph Waveform function which shows the visual representation of your heartbeat and also shows your pulse rate.

Innovos iP900AP Pulse

4. FaceLake Pulse Fingertip Oximeter

This comes with AAA batteries and is power saving because it has a low battery indicator plus the screen has an auto switch-off feature if it is left idle for too long. The display monitor shows average heart rate and blood saturation level, and the reading is quite simple and accurate. This is light in weight, low power draining, and has a compact oximeter that can be used while traveling. Also, this can be used by people of all ages.

FaceLake Pulse Fingertip Oximeter

5. Choicemmed MD300CN340 Pulse Oximeter

This oximeter is a dual-color pulse oximeter with a bright OLED screen. It has a pulse bar and a perfusion index which accurately shows results very immediately. It comes with adjustable brightness and you can choose your brightness from 10 levels. Also, the screen goes off if there is no inactivity for 8 seconds or more which makes it battery-saving and long-lasting.

This is used for checking on the spot pulse rate and heart monitoring, preferably used in homes and other purposes like aviation, etc. It needs 2 AAA batteries for functioning and it is pretty easy to use. It comes with a durable protective pouch and is suitable for all ages.

Choicemmed MD300CN340 Pulse Oximeter

6. Mibest Oled pulse finger oximeter

As the name suggests the display screen is an OLED screen. The screen is big enough and displays the result accurately and quickly. This oximeter also uses AAA batteries and is convenient and easy to use. It has a built-in system and tools which show a very accurate result. It comes with an instruction manual so it gets easier to use plus it can be used by people of all ages and fingertips of all sizes can be fit in here.

Mibest Oled pulse finger oximeter

7. AccuMed Finger Pulse Oximeter

This navy blue color oximeter gives accurate and precise results in less time. It needs AAA batteries for functioning and also has the feature that indicates when the power is low. It is not power-draining since it automatically switches off after 5 seconds of inactivity and serves the use for 32 hours straight. It has a portable and lightweight design and comes with a silicon case and a travel case.

AccuMed Finger Pulse

 These were some of the best oximeters stated here.

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