5 Foods That Fueled Civil Rights

The Black History Month has begun. It's the time of year when we honor generations of bright African Americans who overcame decades of marginalization and bigotry-based horrors.


They expected rejection as this was a "whites-only" establishment. The Greensboro Four, as they are known now, refused to leave the restaurant even when Black and white guests begged them to.

Baked good

In the 1950s, Georgia Gilmore, a cafeteria worker in Montgomery, AL, was dismissed for protesting a white bus driver's discrimination. She turned her misfortune into constructive action.


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Chef and restaurant owner Leah Chase told NOLA.com, "Food builds great bridges. By eating with someone, you can learn from them and make enormous gains.

Fried chicken

Fried chicken was another popular dish of choice among civil rights activists served at Dooky Chase and Club From Nowhere.

Plant-based food

Civil rights campaigners ate more than soul food. In fact, comedian and activist Dick Gregory was a devoted vegan and often spoke about how he saw this diet as a proactive exercise.

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