6 Post-40 Superfoods to Slow Aging

Aging is wonderful and a reminder that we live another day. However, certain days, aging might be a drag. Your body endures various changes, both internally and externally, which can be frustrating, especially since aging can cause many ailments.


"Free radicals harm healthy cells, causing inflammation and oxidative stress. This accelerates cellular aging and promotes chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer.


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Salmon and other fatty fish are great superfoods for slowing aging.Salmon provides lean protein, which is essential for muscle mass, especially in older persons.


If you're a fan of cranberries, or cranberry juice, you're in luck, because this superfood has been found to help slow aging.


According to Young, tomatoes are a superfood that slows aging. "Red foods like tomatoes include lycopene, which fights aging free radicals.


Getting enough vitamin C can prevent cognitive deterioration with aging. They even claim that eating a balanced diet and receiving vitamin C from food is better than supplementing.

Dark green leafy green

Kale and spinach are high in vitamins E and K, which may help prevent memory loss and brain aging.

Your lifestyle may be greener.

Giving up cheese isn't just beneficial for your health—it can also be beneficial for the planet.

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