7 Healthy Foods That Are Worse Than Candy

Dried fruit

Fruit may be worse for you than candy, something you never considered. However, dried fruit has many issues, especially compared to hard fruit sweets.


Many firms promote granola as a healthy alternative to sugary breakfast cereal, although many versions include oils to bind the grains and sugar to sweeten them.


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Energy bar

Energy bars have found a niche among health-minded folks, partially thanks to their advertising campaigns featuring images of rockclimbers and athletes. 

Cereal bar

Cereal has a terrible nutritional reputation because lots of it are sugary. Such whole grain cereals may not cause caloric harm but you won't find them in cereal bars.

Frozen yogurt

If you had to serve up a healthy dessert and had to pick between candy and frozen yogurt, the frozen yogurt seems like the obvious choice.  

Canned soup

Many types of "healthy" canned soups have sprung up over the years, but not every brand has lived up to these marketed expectations.

Low-fat salad dressing

Salad is rarely discussed with candy in good nutrition discussions. Unfortunately, many low-fat salad dressings make up the taste difference with high sugar and low-quality fat.

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