8 Easiest Flat-Belly Exercises for Women

1. Crunches

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and lift your upper body towards your knees, engaging your core.

2. Reverse Crunches

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and lift your hips off the ground, targeting lower abs.

3. Bicycle Crunches

Lie on your back, mimic a cycling motion with your legs, while touching your opposite elbow to the opposite knee.

4. Plank

Hold a straight-arm plank position, engaging your core and keeping your body in a straight line.

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5. Side Plank

Support your body on one arm while forming a straight line from head to feet on your side.

6. Russian Twists

Sit on the ground, twist your torso from side to side, while holding a weight or medicine ball.

7. Flutter Kicks

Lie on your back and perform quick, alternating leg movements to engage your lower abs.

8. Mountain Climbers

Get into a plank position and bring one knee towards your chest, then alternate with the other knee.

9. Standing Oblique Crunches

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend to the side, reaching one hand towards your knee.

10. Walking

Incorporate brisk walking into your routine to burn calories and improve overall fitness, which can help reduce belly fat.