8 Worst Blood Sugar-Rising Foods


Watching their blood glucose levels may lead some people to shun white or brown sugar and opt for honey or agave syrup.

Fried food

Deep-fried meals can damage blood glucose. The oil used to fry this item typically contains trans fat. Trans fats can cause insulin resistance, which raises blood sugar, according to Foods.


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White potatoe

Blood sugar may not benefit from white potatoes. Pairing this carbohydrate with fiber or protein can reduce its glycemic effects.

Foods high in trans fat

When managing your blood sugar, minimize your trans fat intake because they might raise insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics.

Fruit-flavored yogurt

Greek and Icelandic yogurt provide more protein than conventional yogurt, balancing blood sugar. Add fiber to yogurt with fresh fruit or nuts.

Pre-made smoothie

The most popular smoothie bowl is the deep purple acai bowl. Although tasty and healthful, prefabricated bowls don't compare to fresh ones.

Processed carb

High-GI foods spike blood sugar faster than low-GI ones. It contains white bread, rice, potatoes, drink, and snacks like chips and pretzels.

Sugary cereal

The shopping aisles, especially cereal aisles, may be overwhelming. Some cereals have high total carbs but little fiber and protein, which stabilize blood sugar.

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