8 Worst Snacks for Your Gut Health


Overeating sweets can harm intestinal health and other organs. "Sugary diets have various health implications, but gut health is typically overlooked.

French frie

Avoid French fries from the drive-thru for a midday snack to avoid saturated fats and salt.

French frie

Potato chip

Potato chips, like French fries, are fried, reducing their nutritional benefits. Whole potatoes provide fiber and resistant starch.


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Sugar-free sweet

If conventional candy is bad for gut health, artificially sweetened snacks may be a good alternative, but they have downsides.

Refined wheat cracker

Heavy processing damages the gut microbiota since they are high in sugar, preservatives, and deficient in fiber.


America's favorite lunch meat is the worst gut-health snack. Scientific data reveals that processed meats like bologna, kielbasa, and bacon are the worst for stress.

Deli ham

Avoid other processed deli meats as well. Eat lunch meat like deli ham or turkey to keep a healthy digestive tract.

Store-bought cookie

Healthy cookie recipes include using whole wheat flour, mashing a banana or avocado for softer dough, or adding a cup of high-fiber oats.

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