Avoid Inflammatory Breakfast Foods


Restricting additional sugar and saturated fat. Avoiding saturated fat at breakfast may require skipping the drive-thru and fast-food breakfast sandwich.

Turkey bacon

Turkey bacon is one of the sneakiest meals that might cause inflammation if eaten often.

Flavored instant oatmeal

Also on the list of sneaky inflammatory foods is a beloved classic: instant oatmeal. But Manaker warns that quicker does not always mean better.


 Unfortunately, they typically include high amounts of chemicals that cause inflammation when ingested in significant numbers.


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Flavored latte

Depending on the cream and sugar you use, morning coffee may cause inflammation, experts say.

Sugary cereal

The simple carbs and added sugars in most cold breakfast cereals boost your blood sugar and start your day on a glucose roller coaster. 

Processed red meat

Sausage and bacon are salty breakfast meats that go well with scrambled eggs and coffee.

White bread

We know there's nothing like morning bread with warm butter. White bread is created with white flour, which digests fast and leaves us hungry in an hour or two.

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