Best 8 Blood Pressure-Lowering Foods


Normal cooked potatoes can lower blood pressure. A medium baked potato has 13% of the DV for potassium. High sodium intake lowers blood pressure in hypertensives.


A summertime favorite, melon has potassium. A half cup portion has 5% DV for potassium and little calories due to its high water content.


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Mackerel and salmon, which contain Omega-3 fats, lower blood pressure. Mackerel is solid like tuna and may be cooked in many ways.

Skinless chicken

This popular grilled, baked, roasted, and more meal may decrease blood pressure. In hypertensive rats, chicken leg protein decreased blood pressure.

Egg white

Protein-rich foods like egg whites may reduce blood pressure. This study found that persons who eat more plant or animal protein have a lower long-term risk of hypertension.

Chia seed

Chia seeds, a popular component, provide fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fats. One 12-week trial found daily chia seed consumption lowered systolic blood pressure.

Acorn squash

While not the most popular squash kind, acorn squash is readily available at your local grocery store in the fall and winter. 


Due to its nutritious density and ease of preparation, quinoa has become a popular grain in the past 15 years. Quinoa protein lowers blood pressure in acute sick rats.

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