Best Anti-Inflammatory Food

Tart cherrie

A deliciously balanced anti-inflammatory food is a tart cherry, also known as a Montmorency cherry.  


Berry diet dramatically reduced inflammation. Berry flavonoids, especially anthocyanins, switch off etic and immune genes, making them calming.


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Raw oat

A container of overnight oats with dark chocolate, berries, almonds, and cinnamon will battle inflammation and substantially reduce abdominal fat.


Gingerols are anti-oxidant, antiseptic, and anti-disease. Multiple studies show that these substances inhibit inflammatory genes and enzymes.

Green tea

Green tea has been touted as a health panacea for millennia. This tea is rich in catechins, antioxidants found in tea leaves.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate may increase gut microbiota diversity, reducing inflammation. The type 2 diabetes patients in a small research

Wild salmon

Omega-3s are one fat you shouldn't cut! Fatty fish is a good source of polyunsaturated fats, which are anti-inflammatory.

Red pepper

Superfood peppers are anti-inflammatory—go red for the maximum advantages. Red bell pepper had the most inflammatory biomarker-reducing vitamin C of the three hues.

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