Best Tacos at a Fast Food Restaurant

Unavoidable taco cravings. You love eating your favorite taco, whether it's beef, fried fish, or vegetarian with beans and cheese.

Del Taco Soft Chicken 

Taco Del Taco makes unhealthy fast food. A few sensible choices can optimize nutrition there. Grilled chicken can replace fried chicken or beef tacos. To stand, press your front heel.

Crunchy Taco

Taco Bell offers simple, customizable tacos. Crunchy tacos have less saturated fat and salt than other alternatives.

Beef Soft Taco Supreme

Here's Taco Bell's Beef Soft Taco Supreme. Every taco has a "Fresco Style" option. They replace sour cream and shredded cheese with tomato-based salsa.


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Chipotle Soft Corn Taco

Chipotle has the most customized tacos. Sabat advises soft corn tacos, "which can be filled with various ingredients like grilled chicken, steak, or their vegetarian options."

Black Bean Chalup Supreme

Some Taco Bell menu items are healthier than the Black Bean Chalupa Supreme. This vegetarian taco has 6 grams of fiber and minimal saturated fat.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box has two taco alternatives, including a "healthier" one. Jack in the Box's normal tacos include cheese, shredded lettuce, and their taco sauce for 99 cents.

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