Best Traditional Hanukkah Food


Latkes, or potato pancakes, are pancake-shaped and shallow-fried, prepared with ground potatoes. Onion, egg, flour, and spices are usually added.

Beef brisket

Beef brisket is a substantial, warm, and tasty Hanukkah feast. Beef brisket is frequently the main course, cooked in a dutch oven or roaster.


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Roasted chicken

For non-beef eaters, golden-brown entire roasted chicken is another Hanukkah main meal.


Hanukkah side dishes often include kugel, an egg noodle pudding or casserole. Best part? Traditional meals might be sweet or savory.

Matzo ball soup

Jewish holidays include hot, delectable matzo ball soup. Matzo balls are soup dumplings prepared with matzo meal, eggs, water, and butter, chicken fat, or oil.


This deli-favorite pastry, filled with a sweet, is commonly triangle-shaped and offered as a Hanukkah dessert. 


Hanukkah's jelly-filled doughnuts are irresistible. Jelly or custard is filled, deep-fried, then dusted in powdered sugar. Serve them warm!


Hanukkah celebrations include this braided masterpiece. Eggs, water, butter, yeast, salt, sugar, and/or oil make the dough. Sesame or poppy seeds provide saltiness after cooking.

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