Cheapest Cheeseburger-Fry Combos 

Wendy's—Dave's Combo

The Dave's Combo, Wendy's lowest cheeseburger, fries, and drink option, costs $9.89 at the various Wendy's we visited. Not a deal, but under $10!

McDonald's—Cheeseburger Meal

We found the traditional Cheeseburger Meal for $8.29 at McDonald's. Consider that the sandwich costs $1.99, but fries cost $3.39 and Coke costs $1.

Sonic Drive-Thru—Cheeseburger

Sonic is a rare fast-food chain with affordable combinations. The chain's Cheeseburger Combo costs $5.99 with fries and a drink.

Burger King—Cheeseburger Meal

The Cheeseburger Meal from Burger King will only cost you a little if you get a small fry and drink. $5.99 gets you a cheeseburger, fries, and drink.


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In-n-Out—Cheeseburger Combo

In-n-Out sells full meals in the west at a good price. No Double-Double combo costs less than $7.89, yet Food and Cost has an In-n-Out Burger Combo for $6.65.

Checker's—Big Buford Combo

At $10.49, Checker's Big Buford Combo isn't cheap. The chain's cheapest cheeseburger and fry combo is also our largest, beefiest burger.

Hardee's—Big Cheeseburger Combo

Hardee's wins today for low pricing. At last check, the chain's Big Cheeseburger Combo cost $5.00, which wouldn't surprise a 2002 time traveler.

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