Daily floor exercises for women

Hip/Thigh Extension

Lower-body exercises target more muscles, which demands more for the body, making them great for fat reduction. This motion is ideal for a firm, strong behind.

Super Plank

Everybody knows the plank. If you're weary of holding it for a lifetime, consider "super planks," which add a dynamic movement to increase intensity and results.

Side Plank

Moves make side planks even tougher, an undervalued core workout. Thus, you must steady your body throughout activity to maximize benefits and calorie burn.


Dumbbells are a good investment. Lifting weights at home burns fat, builds lean muscle, and gets you in shape.


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Active Leg Lowering

Tight hamstrings can cause injuries in many people. Instead of "stretching," fix this by stabilizing and moving your pelvis to allow your hamstrings to work appropriately.

Dead Bugs

This technique improves pelvic posture, deep core strength, balance, and breathing during activity.

Alligator Drag

This is an incredible upper-body endurance exercise that blasts your core at the same time. You will notice a difference in your conditioning over time.

Mountain Climber

This practice is great for anaerobic training, metabolism, and calorie burning. Hit for 30 seconds, rest for 30, and repeat.

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