Foods High in Protein for Morning Snack

Protein pancake

Regular pancakes are full of processed carbs and sugar, which can raise blood sugar and leave you hungry. To stand, press your front heel.


Steak may seem odd for breakfast. After making steak and eggs or a breakfast burrito with leftover steak, you'll discover a new world of high-protein breakfasts.


"This is a versatile plant-based protein source that can be used in various breakfast recipes. You can scramble it as an egg substitute or add it to a breakfast stir-fry or tofu breakfast burrito."

Chia seeds are fantastic in yogurt, smoothies, overnight oats, and porridge.

Chia seed


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Turkey bacon

Sometimes you want a savory breakfast side with scrambled eggs. Two slices of turkey bacon give a tasty protein meal on these days. Fixed turkey bacon offers over six g of fat.


Eggs, a staple of breakfast burritos and omelets, are a high-protein breakfast dish. They're cheap, easy to make, and go with everything.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese's high casein-to-whey ratio makes it a protein powerhouse. Organic Valley's low-fat cottage cheese is 15 grams per half cup and 100 calories!

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has protein, too. Fage's 2% Plain Greek Yogurt has 15 grams of protein every 5-ounce container. Greek yogurt, like the latter, has more collagen than plain yogurt and more iron.

Smoked salmon

Salmon is a fantastic choice for any meal. This fatty fish has brain-boosting omega-3s, immune-boosting vitamin D, and protein.

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