Foods That Cause Diarrhea

Red Meat

Red meat has high fat, no fiber, and may be salted.Constipation is linked to red meat consumption. Red meat's fat content makes you feel full, leaving less room for fiber-rich foods.


Persimmons are tasty and healthy, but they induce constipation. Tannins in persimmons, especially astringent ones, impede digestion and cause constipation.


The high-fat, low-fiber elements in most cakes impede digestion and cause constipation. Cake has a lot of fat and high sugar, which takes a long time to digest.

Potato Chip

If you have constipation, the salty crunch may be tasty but not good for you. Salt dehydrates the gastrointestinal system, delaying digestion.


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 Growing evidence links lactose intolerance to constipation in children. Constipation affects 30% of lactose-intolerant and functional constipation patients.


This is unfortunate, but chocolate can cause constipation. One German research found chocolate to be the most likely cause of constipation.

French Fries

Fast and fried meals are heavy in fat and salt and lacking in fiber, which can cause constipation.  

Fiber-Enriched Bar

Adding too much fiber too fast might cause constipation while your body breaks down new meals. 

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