Foods That Cause Visceral Fat

Sweetened Breakfast Cereal

Dignity Obesity & Lifestyle Medicine St. John's Hospital says most sweetened breakfast cereals include processed carbohydrates and sugar. 

Palm Oil

Palm oil is heavy in saturated fat, which increases visceral fat, especially compared to polyunsaturated fats.


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Frozen Coffee Drink

Frozen coffee beverages are delightful, but excessive use can be harmful. Frozen coffee drinks' high sugar content raises blood sugar quickly, which has health risks.

Drinks with Heavy Creams 

Saturated fats and refined sugar in many prepared beverages cause visceral fat.


Cookies and pastries with refined sugar and empty calories cause insulin resistance, weight gain, and visceral fat.

Red Meat

Multiple studies have linked visceral fat to processed foods like bacon, sausage, ham, and deli meats and red meats like beef, especially ribeye.


The high caloric, saturated fat, and inflammatory elements from red meat, cheese, and refined white bread in cheeseburgers induce visceral fat.

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