Harmful Foods You Should Avoid


Moderate alcohol consumption may alleviate inflammation, while excessive alcohol consumption may cause inflammation.

Sugar-sweetened beverage

Sugary drinks gratify a sweet tooth. Sugar-sweetened drinks release pro-inflammatory cytokines, which cause chronic inflammation.

Foods in BPA container

Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in various food storage containers and canned goods to prevent corrosion.

Fried food

Fried foods release acrylamide, which may cause inflammation. French fries caused the most harm in this study.


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Refined grain

Refined wheat flours are readily digested because they lack fiber and minerals. Your blood sugar levels rise quicker as your body digests glucose-containing meals.

Processed meat

Sausage, bacon, and hot dogs taste delicious, but eating them often may cause low-grade systemic inflammation. 


Margarine is a go-to for people who are avoiding butter but still want a creamy and rich spread on their morning toast. 


Candy is sugar. While gratifying, doing it too often may cause chronic inflammation.

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