Healthy Snacks for Diabetic

Hard-boiled egg

 A big egg has 77 calories."Eggs provide protein, vitamin A, zinc, and no carbs, so they won't raise blood glucose.


Flavored with healthful spices, portable so you can always have one, and full, this snack won't spike blood sugar or require insulin.


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Protein-packed smoothie

A protein smoothie with fiber and fat is a fantastic diabetic snack. Combine whey or plant-based protein powder with 1 cup of fruit, a spoonful of nut butter for fat, and chia seeds for fiber.


 Diabetics should eat large handfuls of this whole grain, which is high in fiber and low in calories, as long as they don't smother it in butter. 

Medjool date

Medjool dates are a pleasant and beneficial snack for diabetics if you limit yourself to two or three. 


It would be foolish not to add oatmeal as a filling, diabetes-friendly snack. Not just for breakfast. A bowl of rolled or steel-cut oats has 4 grams of fiber.

Homemade energy bite

Forget the store-bought energy bars that are loaded with added sugars and preservatives. Make your own.


Almonds help diabetics maintain appropriate blood sugar levels. In persons with diabetes, almonds can considerably lower hemoglobin A1C

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