Honey Benefits?  Consuming It

Antimicrobial honey

Antimicrobial honey fights bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

It's antioxidant-rich.

Another benefit of incorporating honey into your diet is that it contains powerful antioxidants known to help your body in major ways.


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It soothes sore throats.

Sickness is worse with a sore throat. However, honey may help if you're swallowing blades.

Honey aids digestion.

Honey can help your digestive and gut health over time, even if you probably use it as a sweetener or for sickness.

Possibly lowers blood pressure.

Multiple studies suggest honey may affect cardiovascular health.

It won't boost blood sugar.

Using a natural sweetener to replace regular sugar can be a healthier choice—especially if you're watching your blood sugar levels.

It's calorie-rich.

Honey's effects depend on your health goals. As noted above, this natural sweetener will raise blood sugar less than other sugars.

Allergies are possible.

Honey can cause allergic responses, although the Mayo Clinic lists few adverse effects.

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