It is a type of sweetened green or black tea which is fermented with yeast and bacteria. It has a lot of health benefits if consumed in a moderate amount.

Kombucha Benefits

Enriched Pro Biotic Source Kombucha is a potential source of probiotics since specific strains of yeast and bacteria are added to green or black tea. 

Kombucha Contains Antioxidants

Drinking kombucha every day helps with maintaining the liver nd liver cleans out the toxins from our body and also provides a good metabolism

Kombucha Comes Up With Benefits of Green Tea

Kombucha which is made from green tea would also contain the same compounds present in the green tea and thus will be beneficial the same way

Consuming Kombucha For Weight Loss

Swapping soft drinks and alcohol with kombucha could be very beneficial for weight loss.

kombucha Quantity To Drink Everyday

Drinking a moderate level of kombucha surely does help reduce weight. An intake of around 240ml per day is beneficial.

Kombucha Breakfast

It is advisable to drink kombucha during the breakfast for high benefits of weight loss. But since it is a pro biotic drink, people not used to it 

Kombucha Lunch

Lunch tine is perfect since drinking kombucha makes you feel full which is one of the main factors for weight loss. Also it aids digestion too.