Men Over 40's 8 Worst Foods

Buffalo chicken wing

Buffalo chicken wings are the top item to avoid for guys. "A six-count may pack 550 calories, not including the ranch or blue cheese for dipping.

Creamy sauce

Creamy dressings like ranch and blue cheese, which guys love to combine with wings, Alfredo, mayonnaise, and others are high in saturated fat and poor in nutrition.

Deep dish pizza

Pizza is easy to overeat and many people need a lot to feel full. "It has less protein per calorie. Deep-dish pizza has more carbs and calories."


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High-fat protein

Men love ribeyes, pork belly on the grill, and wings with the guys, but saturated fat in these high-fat meats can raise harmful LDL and total cholesterol. 

Ice cream

"If you're used to relaxing with ice cream at night, you may want to change that."If you haven't been measuring, most ice cream serves are half a cup, which is startlingly tiny.


For the suggested portion size, cake has startlingly high calories, like ice cream. Regularly eating cake or similar cake goods may harm your health.

Low-fiber processed grain

White breads, fast food buns, breakfast meals, etc. are low in fiber "Goodson. Gut and heart health benefit from fiber. Whole grains contain prebiotic fiber, which feeds intestinal microbes.

Fast food

Unfortunately, French fries aren't the only fast food staple that might harm your body, especially as you age. Most fast food items can lead to long-term health issues.

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