Negative Effects of Certain Foods on the Brain

Fried chicken

Deep-fried food tastes great. That delicious crunch when you bite into fried food is hard to duplicate. However, eating fried chicken regularly is bad for your brain.

Hot dog

 if you don't balance your processed meat diet with brain-healthy foods like salmon, walnuts, and green veggies, they may damage your brain.

Gummy bears

We like sweets occasionally. Gummy bears, which contain mostly sugar, are nutritionally empty.


Due to their beneficial fats and choline, fish and shellfish are suggested for brain health. That broad advice has certain limitations.


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Fast food

Food packaging may be dangerous. Fast food wrappers are known to contain per- and poly-fluoroalkyl compounds (PFASs), which have several health risks, including cognitive decline.


Donuts are a brain-damaging triple-whammy. In excess, adding sugars in these snacks may decrease cognitive performance.


Trans fats, which can harm the brain and neurological system, may be included in biscuits made with shortening.

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