Oysters Have Surprising Health Benefits

Oysters are high in protein

Raw oysters have 2–8 grams of protein per serving, and bigger oysters can have more than 10 grams.

Oysters are rich in omega-3 fatty acid

Consuming them reduces the risk of chronic diseases including heart disease and stroke due to their anti-inflammatory qualities.

Oysters are a source of vitamins and mineral

– Vitamin D – Iron – Magnesium – Phosphoru

Oysters can support weight lo

Want to indulge without gaining weight? Oysters make eating out convivial without overdoing it.

They can boost your mental health

You probably don't equate shellfish with mood. The high magnesium content in oysters might help you relax and alleviate stress and despair.  

Oysters are a great source of electrolyte

Electrolytes maintain bodily equilibrium. This essential nutrient is found in oysters, which are high in potassium and sodium.

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