Protein-Rich Vegetables

Beets are recognized for their deep purple color and earthy flavor, but did you know you can eat their greens? Iron, calcium, potassium

Beet green


Broccoli provides 3.7 grams of protein per cup when roasted, sautéed, or steamed, and its advantages don't end there. High-protein vegetables


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Portobello mushroom

There are hundreds of mushroom species worldwide, from dangerous to edible to "magic." Due to their rich tastes and accessibility, a few kinds are most widely used in cuisine.

Brussels sprout

Brussels sprouts: love or hate. But individuals who eat this bitter, nutrient-dense, high-protein vegetable are getting more health advantages than they know.


Asparagus, another controversial vegetable, is healthful owing to its high protein content and other qualities.

Sweet potatoe

 Whether you bake a whole potato, make fries, use them in a breakfast hash, or make a casserole, sweet potatoes provide protein and roughly 8 grams of fiber per cup.

Sweet corn

It's summer, so serve corn on the cob for your Memorial Day celebration or next family BBQ. All maize provides protein, however sweet corn has roughly 5 grams per cup.


Popeye's indestructible bond to his spinach was on to something. This leafy green provides fiber, iron, calcium, and about 5 grams of protein per cup.

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