The 8 Worst Foods for Men Over 40

Buffalo chicken wing

ExitingChef nutritionist in Charlotte believes buffalo chicken wings are the worst for men. Six of these game-day favorites may have 550 calories from ranch or blue cheese dipping.

Creamy sauce

Creamy dressings like ranch and blue cheese, which guys love to combine with wings, Alfredo, mayonnaise, and others are rich in saturated fat and poor in nutrition.


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Deep dish pizza

"Pizza is easy to overeat and many people need a lot to feel full."It also has less protein per calorie. Deep-dish pizza has more carbohydrates and calories."

High-fat protein

Many guys enjoy ribeye, pork belly on the barbecue, or boys' wings.Saturated fat in high-fat meats can raise harmful LDL and total cholesterol over time.

Ice cream

If you normally sit down with a bowl of ice cream to unwind at the end of the day, you might want to reconsider this habit long term 


For the suggested portion size, cake has startlingly high calories, like ice cream. Regularly eating cake or similar cake goods may harm your health.


Some desserts use better grain or meal, yet the majority pick cakes with sugar added and refined flour, which can harm your immune system, weight, and testosterone.

Salty takeout

Though convenient, takeout can do a number on your blood pressure, thanks to all the sodium that's packed into some orders.

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