The Best Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss


Pistachios are high in fiber and healthy fat, thus they may help weight reduction.

Sliced avocado

Avocado slices are another healthful snack. The oil in this fruit is mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, which are heart-healthy.


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If you're wanting something on the sweeter side for your mid-afternoon snack, Manaker suggests reaching for some watermelon. 

Greek yogurt & berries 

I propose matching things to create the most fulfilling combination rather than relying on individual items. Protein and fiber or fat work best and keep you content.

Frozen fruit

This snack's cool temperature will slow down your eating, and nibbling on fruit might assist because most adults don't consume enough of it.

Salsa & pepper

Salsa is a spicy way to consume low-calorie veggies, but instead of eating it with chips, quarter a red pepper and use it as "salsa scoops" for a nutritious, full snack.


A hard-boiled egg or two may be a tasty afternoon snack when you need a lean protein boost.

Roasted chickpea

Roasted chickpeas are a satisfying snack since they feature a trifecta of nutrients.

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