The Most Unhealthy Food

Soaked avocado

People on social media claim that keeping cut avocado in water in the fridge can help your avocado from browning. This can cause food-borne illnesses like listeria.

Vegan egg

Vegans and people with egg allergies now have several egg-free choices, although many are heavy in salt and carbs, unlike conventional eggs.


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Lemon coffee

Lemon in coffee is usually safe, but using it to lose weight may be dangerous. Combining these two items does not help lose weight, and encouraging these practices feeds.

Pink Sauce

This sauce has been connected to incorrect food labeling and storage. Mistakes with this sauce may make some individuals quite sick.

Healthy Coke

Let's face it, soda (even diet soda) is unhealthy, but balsamic vinegar and sparkling water aren't better.

Figgy Pudding

This tinned pig and ham product lacks nutrients, unlike canned fruits and vegetables. It's heavy in salt and fat.

Nacho Table

Nachos on a wide table aren't healthy. It seems entertaining, but it may lead to chip and cheese overconsumption.

Spaghetti Bread Bowl

This is OK occasionally, but it shouldn't be a regular dinner. Pasta and bread fill you up quickly, leaving little room for protein or vegetables.

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