The World's Longest-Lived Eat 8  Foods

Whole grain

Normal whole grains, especially Sardinia and Ikaria. Oats, quinoa, brown rice, farro, and whole grain bread are whole grains.


Five Blue Zones, including Loma Linda, California, are Seventh-Day Adventist. These people meditate 24 hours a week, eat largely vegetarian, and practice religion.


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Beans are a mainstay in most Blue Zones and include fiber and other disease-fighting parts. Black-eyed peas, as are ate a day in Ikaria, Italy, has anti-cancer, anti-diabetic traits.


The Greeks of Ikaria eat garlic often. Garlic, which has been used medically in other cultures for ages, has been linked to repair the common cold or flu and cutting illness stay.


White potatoes are a staple for those who live in Ikaria, Greece, and purple sweet potatoes (called imo) are consumed in Okinawa, Japan on a regular basis.

Olive oil

The Ikarians frequently use olive oil. A Nutrients study indicated that extra virgin olive oil offers many health benefits.


Fish is commonly consumed by the Adventists in Loma Linda, even by those in the community that are mostly plant-based.

Sourdough bread

Sardinia, Italy, is another Blue Zone that eats goat's milk, flatbread, chickpeas, and sourdough bread.

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