The 5 Best Low-Cholesterol Meat

Ground turkey

Fried chicken and processed deli turkey sandwich meat slices have more saturated fat than other chicken or turkey, so it depends on how it's prepared. 

Bottom round steak

While some studies suggest restricting meat and eating more plant-based foods to benefit your heart, there are cuts of red meat lower in cholesterol and saturated fat that you can enjoy sometimes.

Chicken breast

Chicken's flexibility and ease of cooking are unmatched. Chicken breast has less fat than beef or pork, making it a low-cholesterol, low-fat meat.


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Lean ground beef

Again, you can usually enjoy beef on a cholesterol-friendly diet, but you just have to be intentional about which type your'e choosing. 

Pork tenderloin

It may surprise some that certain hog slices are lean, healthful, and low in saturated fat.

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