Top 7 Anti-Inflammatory Veggies

Discussing inflammation might be perplexing. Your body heals itself through inflammation after an injury or illness. Chronic inflammation is a different story, as more people are suffering from it. 


Whether they're raw or cooked, carrots pack a punch of nutrients, some of which may help to fight inflammation.

Bell pepper

Bell peppers are delicious cooked or raw with your favorite dip. Our dietitians say they reduce inflammation and decrease aging.


Another nutrient-dense food, broccoli may be added to your next dinner to reduce age-related disorders connected to chronic inflammation.


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People have varied emotions about potatoes because they are carb-heavy, but this root vegetable has minerals that can prevent aging.

Leafy green

Leafy greens are an important food for inflammation that may be added to most dishes or used as a salad.


Garlic tastes great and provides several health benefits, including reducing inflammation.


Along with garlic, onions can also add a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes, as well as a burst of helpful anti-inflammatory nutrients, too!

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