Weight-Loss Food Swaps

There are several motivations to lose and maintain weight. You should do so in a healthy approach that you'll stick with. However, a few minor measures might kickstart the process.

Margulies believes celery and Greek yogurt dip may provide the same taste and texture as 1.5 ounces of potato chips, which have 160 calories.

Instead of chips, dip celery

Swap out pretzels for dressed cucumber

Pretzels are healthier than potato chips, but you may still want to switch. Margulies advises cucumber slices. If that's too boring,


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crackers for bell peppers 

Cheese and crackers are a childhood snack. Unfortunately, they have many calories. Instead, try hummus-dipped red bell pepper slices.

Cherry tomato-pepperoni pizza

Instead of a slice of pizza that contains 300 calories, cut out a whopping 214 calories while still enjoying the same kind of fabulous flavors.

Swap out graham crackers for dressed pear slice

Put aside the graham crackers and peanut butter—just 2 teaspoons can add 330 calories to the snack.

Replace juices with entire fruits

Because fruit juice is concentrated and lacks fiber and pulp, it has more calories per volume than whole fruit.

Zucchini noodles replace pasta.

There are countless ways to enjoy a huge dish of spaghetti. Regular pasta is high in calories and difficult to digest.

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