what does low glucose mean ?

Diabetics often develop hyperglycemia. Diabetes problems include nerve, eye, and kidney damage can result from untreated persistent hyperglycemia.

What is hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia is high blood sugar. Also known as high blood sugar or glucose. This occurs when your body lacks or misuses insulin.

What blood sugar level is hyperglycemia? 

Undiagnosed diabetic patients with hyperglycemia had blood glucose above 125 mg/dL when fasting.

What is blood sugar?  

Most glucose (sugar) originates from carbs in meals and beverages. Most of your energy comes from it. Your blood supplies glucose to all your cells for energy.

How common is hyperglycemia?

One in 10 Americans has diabetes or hyperglycemia. Diabetics frequently experience hyperglycemia.

What are the signs and symptoms 

– Frequent urination (peeing). – Headache. – Blurred vision.  

What causes hyperglycemia?

High blood sugar is usually caused by insulin deficiency. Insulin resistance and pancreatic problems can cause this.

How is hyperglycemia treated?

Injectable insulin is the principal treatment for hyperglycemia in diabetics. Everybody needs different insulin.

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