What to know about anxiety ?

Anxiety is normal, although it can induce shaking and sweating. Treatment can help anxiety problems, which can disrupt daily living.

What is anxiety?

The ADAA estimates that 40 million Americans suffer anxiety disorders. This is the most frequent mental disease category in the US. However, just 36.9% of anxiety sufferers obtain therapy.

What is anxiety?


– restlessne – uncontrollable feelings of worry – increased irritability – difficulty concentrating


– environmental stressors, such as relationship problems or family issue – genetic – medical factors, such as disease symptoms or the effects of a medication – substance withdrawal


Sometimes, alcohol dependence, depression, or other underlying conditions require treatment before treating an anxiety disorder can take place. 


Medicines that might control some physical and mental symptoms include antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and tricyclic antidepressants. 


– maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet – keeping a regular sleep pattern – regularly exercising – avoiding alcohol, cannabis, and other recreational drug


Anxiety is not a medical condition but a natural emotion that is vital for survival when an individual faces danger.

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