Is An EMS Workout Worth It? Should You Try One

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EMS workout training has been the talk of the town for quite some time. As a result, they are making f headline in different sports-related discussions. Muscle health and injury rehabilitation has really been two vital areas of contemporary sports.

Physicians and physical trainers try it as an option to train and treat athletes and gymgoers. Why not? The performance and a long professional career depend on strong muscles and speedy injury recovery. 

Now the vital question springs out:

  •  Is EMS workout worthy enough? 

We will try to understand the efficacy of EMS workout through the following article.

What Is Ems Training?

This is a completely new method of training where an individual will wear small electrodes in the various parts of his/her body. After wearing the kit or equipment, they start their workout. As the intensity increases, the electrodes will stimulate the muscles and cause some micro contraction up to around 40 times per second. 

Needless to say, the hitting is extremely fast. This stimulates the injured muscles, and your injured muscles will recover fast. 

Are Ems Workouts Worth It? 

This is quite a complex question and can not be answered in one go. Let’s try to find out the answer through the discussion. 

Advantage Of Ems Training

There are certain advantages that you have with EMS training. Let’s try to understand it right here. 

1. Improve Back Pain

According to a study, around 88% of the participants reported that they received benefits in the form of improved back pain. 

Back pain is quite common among people, and individuals have to fight it throughout their lives. From this aspect, ems training gets a thumbs up. 

2. Open To All Ages 

Do you want to take muscle training to the next level? You can do it with EMS training because there is no age bar for taking this treatment. This is one of the advantages of ems training.

3. Safer Alternative 

According to advice procured from the users, EMS training is considered much safer compared to an alternative mode of strength or fitness training. 

EMS workout is softer when it comes to nervous system fatigue and cardiac stress. So it is safe for all sorts of users. 

4. Strengthening Pelvic Floor 

Many women witness pelvic floor weakness due to pregnancy. In that case, the core and pelvic floor muscles loosen. As a result, they face different complexity. They need to be tightened up with training. It is therefore found from the study that EMS works to naturally train your pelvic floor muscles. They need six weeks of EMS training, and the results can be substantive. 

5. Rapid Results

With EMS training, you expect to get rapid results. Even athletes observe that use of this training has been beneficial during their rehabilitation period. This is the reason physios and other experts bank on EMS training. 

Clinical Study 

Some German university studies, like the University of Nuremberg and the University Of Bayreuth, claimed that EMS training helped muscle build-up and sped up recovery But on the other hand, there have also been reports of severe irritation. 

Even physicians claim that pregnant women should not use EMS training. It is also found from another study that people pacemakers should shun the use of EMS equipment. Therefore it could be understood that EMS training has good and dangerous areas. 

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Ems Training Yes Or No?

It is found from the study that EMS Training has certain benefits that athletes and gymgoers experience. Different scientific studies establish and vindicate the very fact. 

This is the reason more athletes are trying to use this training to improve muscles and speed up the recovery process from muscle injury. But there has also been some negative reporting on this. So it can be advised to take a physician or expert advice when it comes to getting the benefits. Worth or no worth, we leave it for you to decide.

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